July: Attitude of Gratitude



Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is July 2014.


having the day off (thank you Captain Canada!) — the hot weather — finishing my run — lots of d0-nothing time — that my husband took my daughter to see fireworks while I went to bed.

 less sugar  — reading funny commentary — not having to wear so many layers — coffee visits — picking up my kids.

emails with photos from travelling family — the man who held the door open for me –the extra bag I brought to buy groceries — my favorite yogurt  — my favorite yogurt on sale.

slow day at work — leaving early — clean floors — enjoy my dinner — my coach recognizing how tired I’ve been.

running with my husband — taking it really easy — lots of rest time — kale from the garden — lots of me time.

my son’s humour — his positive energy — his help with groceries — not being so scheduled — sleeping in.

green lights in traffic — healthy choices for lunch — giving my daughter options she could accommodate — being patient with my feelings — chocolate.

my son’s exuberance about his cooking camp — recognizing when I am overwhelmed (even if it may not appear like it) — being mindful — finding parking.

an easy run — a (legs only) dip in the ocean — dogs and their funny personalities — dogs on the beach — spending time with my kid.

the way newspaper stuffed into your shoes really helps to dry them out faster.

eating the last bite of something delicious and knowing it was just the right amount.

going for an easy, sunshine-y run — taking the time in my day to take care of me — being able to also fit in activities for the kids — riding the train — afternoon rest.

chocolate and almond power bars — running with friends — living in such a scenic and accessible place — mango popsicles — beach time.

 sunshine — yoga — predictability — decaf coffee — an end to the day.

resisting temptation — strength in choices — accepting me now — my son’s comment when we were brushing teeth “boy, I have a handsome smile!” — my daughter’s steps towards independence.

 a day off — a good “float” — that to lose weight means I need to be okay with where I am now — pants that fit — familiar strangers.

lunch with a colleague — that people are not as scary as they seem — that I do seem to have a “work” persona — running for fun — lemonade on a sunny day.

a better night’s sleep — reminders of the past — realizing I made it through some of the experiences I’d forgotten out — how much the kids are enjoying their summer camps — fresh kale.

still taking the time to be easy on myself — starting to feel better physically — patience — trusting that things will change — trusting that things can change.

the quiet of early morning — how predictably delicious my breakfast tastes — a good trail run — sunshine — beautiful scenery.

a few extra moments at the end of the day — easy traffic — the boy’s positive attitude — getting weekend laundry done — summertime meals.

a new cleaning lady — good neighbours — blue sky — a small kindness with big rewards — feeling sore from my run but immensely satisfied.

patience for challenges that I cannot relate to — longer evenings — my husband for feeding the kids — making time for my workout — an unexpected glass of wine.

making vacation plans — simplifying plans — taking the time to do what I want — running shoes — feeling present during my run.

running errands at lunch — doing nothing in the evening — letting go of tentative plans and not feeling obliged — the upcoming forecast — chocolate milk.

longer runs — having water on my longer run — not feeling great, but still feeling accomplished — fresh salad — espom salt baths.

trail runs with great people — the view from the peak — a haircut — watching buskers with the kids — still having a few hours for Sunday nothings.

the kids up early — the kids getting out of the house on time — finding money in my wallet — the free coffee on my rewards card — the giant potato my son grew.

my husband’s texts —  a planned workout — a modification to the planned workout — seeing old running friends — seeing kids in their pajamas when I get home.

the thermostat being fixed at work — being able to do both a run and a gym workout — the kids enthusiams for their job — not having to make dinner — summer running clothes.

my son’s explanation for what a wedding is: “that thing where they kiss” — bananas — finding a shortcut in traffic — warm summer nights — finding inspiration in how others overcame adversity.


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