June: Attitude of Gratitude



Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is June 2014.


 taking a little longer to get my running shoes on — smelling the sunshine among the trails on my run — the yoga class that helped ease my stiff back — the yummy spring rolls I had after yoga — realizing I had a well-timed physio appointment the next day.

 getting up earlier to get ready for the day — leftover spring rolls to pack for lunch — my physiotherapist and the relief she gave me — feeling put back together again after my treatment — also feeling completely wiped out and being able to have a quick nap.

focussing on what I want, rather than what I fear — taking the time to give myself time — how strong and in control I felt during my hard run — that I planned and did my run early — getting both kids to different soccer fields on time.

the relief I feel when I know I have a day off — seeing my daughter being recognized at the school assembly — feeling good after my gym workout — the washer and dryer who do all the work  — the relaxed feeling of knowing that tomorrow is a planned day off.

being able to take a day off to deal with school disruptions — being able to close my bedroom door — that although my run felt horrible it still gave me some mental peace of mind — the garden sprouting — watering the garden.

 a quick day of work — lemon water — friendship — sunshine — laundry baskets.

sleeping in — that although I had plans I didn’t have to keep them — going back to bed — my husband’s care and support — skipping my run to take care of myself.

feeling better than yesterday — that although my run still feel tiring, it was enjoyable to be out in the sunshine — the good podcast that was right on topic — the delicious raw/vegan wrap after yoga — being able to eat my wrap alone.

having enough time in the morning — making dinner for us all to eat together — winging the coconut/cornflakes/chocolate chip cookie recipe — having the cookies turn out better than expected — no homework.

committing to something that scares me — that my husband’s work is flexible — that my husband stayed home with the kids — not spending money impulsively — accepting where I am, at least for a few moments.

 the new photocopier that united the office in common frustration — surprise cookies! — drinking more water — the strong and grounded feeling I have after a good gym workout — walking home in daylight.

 my kind psychologist — how much clearer I felt after talking — realizing that expectations are not always motivating — how good experiences make  a stronger foundation than bad memories — feeling more like myself when running.

being able to watch my daughter’s graduation from elementary school ceremony — appreciating how kids change — that I was able to find childcare on very short notice –so many green lights in traffic — the lazy feeling on a Friday afternoon where you can just tell that summer is coming.

 exploring and running on unknown trails — the smells in forest after a fresh rainfall — hot coffee after a thorough soaking outdoors — couch time! — literally putting icing on the cake.

 butterflies — my husband who is also a father —  feeling good before my run — my yoga/vegan lunch routine — that Sunday felt longer than Saturday.

that the kids had a good day — how a clean house can lift your mood — that sometimes we can do things that are illogical or frivolous or both — the garden’s bounty that my son planted from seed — eating chocolate cake.

solving something I had ignored for weeks — meeting up with my weekly run group — running in circles on the track and feeling good about it — that tomorrow I am off work — that tonight is like a Friday.

walking to the gym — a good work out — feeling perseverance pay off — support from my husband — the dedication of our teachers to their students.

going for a run and having ice cream too — good neighbours — more bounty from the garden — seeing the garden grow — watering the garden.

London fog (the drink) — the kids packing their own stuff for the weekend outing — ferry reservations — warm layers — sleeping through the cat’s wake-up call.

visiting with family — eating a picnic dinner in the park — that my husband was with me — getting to bed and being able to fall asleep — trusting myself.

 being a morning person at 5:30am — sunshine to start the race — the mental techniques and support from my psychologist that helped me sustain myself through the race — cel phone: so I could find my ride after the race — making it home on an earlier than expected ferry (again!)

comforts of my own bed — watching my son’s fast-paced soccer game — that my daughter was able to go to her end-of-year class party — coconut yogurt — my foam roller on my tired legs.

my naturopath (she’s such a delight!) — walking back to work slowly — a gentle run through the forest — warmer weather — summer nights.

switching up my workout — a kind friend who went above and beyond for me — getting what I want for cheaper than expected — the feel of the air on a summer night — a day without my daughter.

a day with my daughter — quiet summer-like mornings — cranberry ginger muffin — less schedules — more salad.

more positive changes and support for the kids — being able to go to appointments together with my husband — driving against traffic (i.e. no traffic), especially when I’m late — feeling like the day was restful — Friday night nothingness.

watching early morning tennis with the kids — finally satisfying my craving for pancakes — running later in the day — running with a view of the ocean — more time to myself.

Sunday morning trail runs — exploring new terrain on our run — snacks on the way home — the kids going out — feeling rested after the weekend.

a day off — going out for lunch with my sweetie — eating dessert — picking up the kids early — dinner together.



6 thoughts on “June: Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Love this idea, you’ll have to excuse me in advance for borrowing it, I’ll make sure to credit you,

    Oooo. I’m already up one on my gratitude list.

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