May: Attitude of Gratitude



Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is May 2014.


That I can make myself a cup of coffee in the morning without thinking about it — my trusty feet for continuing to run – my shoes that don’t yet need replacing – hot water – amenities

A Friday day at work – funny texting to distract me – extra coffee delights – watching fun shows with the kids – that everyone made their own dinner.

That I am still wanting to go run — feeling energized after my run – doing my core workout – a clean kitchen – making healthy comfort food.

That although foggy and rainy we still had a great run – that the huge uphill we ran also had downhill – running with others – time on the yoga mat – that my husband still does grocery shopping.

flexibility at work – being able to go and watch the kids dance recital – finding the last parking spot – seeing a little person’s confidence grown on a big stage – sitting down.

being able to coordinate and plan the day efficiently – a easier visit to the dentist with the kids – shopping for lunches after the appointment – getting the boy to soccer – my good effort and willingness at my running workout.

a whole day off – catching up with myself – finally getting to the pharmacy – getting in a good workout at the gym – feeling content.

that my son was cooperative about waiting – coordinating my run with the kids soccer practice – that the weather was so nice while I ran – that there were less bugs today on the trails – eating a tasty dinner.

buying new books – reading new books – avocados – planning summer vacation – napping.

really sleeping in – taking the time to enjoy the sunshine – running with fun music – letting go of expectations of myself – making chocolate cake.

sleeping in a little bit – going for a solo run – the gorgeous sunshine and kind man with dog I met on my run – more contented yoga time – having the afternoon off while my husband dealt with everything.

still eating chocolate cake – realizing my body doesn’t handle so much sugar so well – choosing to lessen my sugar intake – no coffee – getting through withdrawals.

still no coffee – feeling better already – a good/hard adjusting workout on the track – a good book at bedtime – going to bed when my body said so.

feeling stronger instead of so sore – my mom coming to visit – a good workout in the gym – when the advice you get is useful – being able to walk home from the gym.

forcing myself to go and run and having a wonderful run because of it – new music on interesting podcasts – sunny, easy weather – dinner at the dining room table – green leafy salad.

a day off with the kids – going for a walk along the ocean – going out for lunch and coffee and drinks – feeling supported – not having to schedule anything.

coffee in the morning – having wine whatever the time – going for a run whenever – realizing that not every run will be great and not beating myself up about this – my husband’s support.

not feeling too rushed to get to my race on time – Sunday morning trail race in the dust and mud and trails – having my son and mom come out and cheer – feeling tired but happy after my run and placing well – choosing to take the afternoon to myself and not going to yoga.

my mom’s company – my mom’s composting skills – help with the garden – making salad and bbq for lunch (and eating it!) – a lovely long weekend.

being able to illustrate cause and effect to my son as he feels immediate repercussions – the time, dedication, and patience the kids’ teachers and counselor exhibit at school – the time the teachers took with me today to support my daughter – my husband’s agreement and support – not feeling great, but still having fun and a good workout at this evening’s practice.

homemade pizza leftovers for lunch – being able to move my day off to match school schedules  — changes in my workout routine – scheduling more appointments conveniently – feeling changes in a good way.

my son’s expression of relief when he was ready on time “I feel so relaxed. It’s like I just came from the beach!” – getting homework done before soccer practice – my happy legs that took me for a happy run —  the massage my husband gave my sore shins and feet.

that my husband always says yes when I want to buy more running shoes – a low stress day at work – the rain that watered the garden – the sun that warmed the day – reading wonderful blog posts.

running when I wanted to go – the chalk signs on the sidewalk near the end of my run that said: smile – laugh – be happy – being outside and seeing the garden starting to sprout up —  that sometimes the kids figure out what I’m yelling about – time with my sweetie and his kind words.

being out on the trails again – the rush of running faster than I thought I was – the kids being so calm – a delicious raw nut burger – yoga.

taking care of my body – meeting my coach for coffee – framing things in a way I feel comfortable – that I got home earlier than expected – that I went to bed earlier than expected.

other parents for being able to drive my kids – figuring out schedules – that everyone could still do what they wanted – my pick-me-up coffee this afternoon – instigating change.

that I could move a work day to be home with the kids – the lazy morning I had with the kids – the busy and fun afternoon I had with the kids – new shoes – home before rush hour – that my husband managed dinner.

being so busy at work that the day flew by – a quick nap after work – feeling better after my run – watching my daughter play soccer – going to bed early.

that my husband went on my daughter’s camping trip so there were enough parental supervisors – when things go on sale in the grocery store – warmer weather – spending the evening with my son – vitamin B12.

the effects of B12 — a lazy, dance-party morning with my son — not eating breakfast until we felt like — running later in the day and doing alright with it — a quiet afternoon.


6 thoughts on “May: Attitude of Gratitude

  1. May seemed to be a very good month for you, Tania. Your family sounds so supportive, active and fit. I liked many of these notes from your May archive, but this is my favorite:

    my son’s expression of relief when he was ready on time “I feel so relaxed. It’s like I just came from the beach!”

    • It *was* a good month. My son is a small treasure trove of one lined zingers that always surprise me. His interpretation of the world and his conveyance of this to me never cease to amaze. It’s a good balance for when he is spazzing and trying to break household objects.

  2. This is so cool iRun. I’ve tried to do this in the past and it quickly grows into this big thing and then I stop doing it. I loved the way you keep each entry simple and short, thanks for sharing.

    • Sometimes the idea of a list does feel like a bit of work… but looking back over my days with bits of gratitude gives my life a general “plus” feeling rather than being mired in the drudgery of routine.
      Thanks for reading Brett!

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