April: Attitude of Gratitude

Got into comfort box. Made box smaller. Climbed out of comfort box. Took a trip. Dealt with delays in the air. Went to Paris. Ran a marathon. Got lost amongst 50,000 people without a cel phone. Went to London. Came home. Found things were the same, but my box was bigger. Was pleased with myself. Started drinking coffee. Drank more coffee (even decaf counts). Ran. Ran. Ran. Enjoyed sunshine and summer for about 2 days. Got used to rain again. Watched a race. Was world’s greatest spectator and cheer-person for about 45 min. Got back into yoga. Found more purpose in life. Mindfulness. Ease. Slowing down. Still can’t get the kids to go to bed. Summer is coming. Waiting.




Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is April 2014.


being a morning person — that I was able to give the kids one more kids goodbye — easy transition at the airport — that our cancelled flight was fairly easily rebooked — the hotel voucher that have us somewhere to sleep.

the flight/ airline upgrade — catching up on my movie watching during the flight — the kind stewardess who took food from business class on my behalf — that there was no one in the seat beside us — an uneventful flight.

finally getting to Paris! — that Jeff understood the metro so well — that we found someone we knew after the metro was cancelled and sharing a taxi — my first run in Paris around the Louvre — finding somewhere I could eat.

being able to make breakfast in our flat — going to the Louvre and finally see Mona Lisa — knowing the kids are doing well at home — taking a nap of sorts — the Happy Cow app so I could find somewhere to eat again.

walking the streets of Paris — walking to the Eiffel Tower — realizing that my marathon in Paris is one day away — Starbucks — melatonin

running the Paris Marathon — having my sweetie supporting me through this experience — finishing the Paris Marathon — the kind lady who let me use her cel phone — a good satiating meal and wine in a to-go cup to celebrate.

getting to the Eurostar station with ease — the Chunnel experience and having wine included in our lunches — walking to Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square and beyond — our sweet flat on London — that I can mostly walk on my tired legs.

the washing machine in the kitchen     — going for my first run after the marathon and trotting by Buckingham Palace — buying wine at the grocery store — having a smartphone when traveling — London theatre.

great morning run along the Thames river — more sightseeing — finding the most heavenly gluten- free, dairy-free store full of snacks and treats — a shower at the end of the day — London theatre.

helpful Londoners — that the plane was not so full — watching four movies during the flight — the vegetarian meal that someone forgot that made its way to me instead — coffee.

getting home — seeing the kids — going out for coffee with my coach — the reality of seeing everyone on the “right” side of the road — naps.

running in the sunshine — running at home — feeling fit — starting to reset and feel more grounded — comforts of home.

morning coffee — hiking with the kids — taking the day to rest my sore Achilles — vitamins — sunshine.

not feeling overwhelmed at work — fresh sheets — watching the kids run x-country races — managing to not overspend at the store — that the gluten-free cake finally baked like it was supposed to!

impromptu coffee date — going for a fab trail run even in the rain — avocados — eating the gluten-free cake — that J put the kids to bed.

good reviews at work — being flexible with my thoughts — being gentle with my expectations — a surprise text — taking care of myself.

mocha in the morning — green curry paste — how food tastes better when someone else makes it — the most fabulous run — saying hello to a stranger.

meeting a friend for lunch — that sense of accomplishing a lot with minimal effort and calling it efficiency  — that the kids’ play date went well — finding my umbrella — an easy evening at home.

quiet space in the morning — an enjoyable cup of coffee — sunshine when rain was forecast — running a different route — realizing where we live is pretty damn ideal.

going to Easter festivities — choosing to run when I felt ready — going out for lunch and the boy ordering his own meal — green lights in traffic — watching a family movie.

having an eleven year old daughter — being able to sleep in — another day at home — a gluten-free cake that actually cooked — when things work out.

watching the kids run x-country races — managing schedules — having others show up for a run — such a fun run — chocolate cake for dinner.

getting to work late but being the only one there — a quiet day at work — spinach basil soup — daylight hours — a change of pace and workout in the gym.

feeling sore and content from yesterday’s workout — raspberry smoothie — going for coffee at 2:30 because I needed it — being able to combine soccer practice with a run — that my husband was home when I got home.

more people at work — a longer lunch break — that I had energy when I got home — doing things for the kids because I wanted to — a glass of wine.

making pancakes and hot chocolate for breakfast — my husband getting my daughter to her appt on time — that my husband is far less stressed about organizing social events than I am — my daughter’s friends — that whipped cream makes 90% of people happy.

getting up and having a coffee solo — really enjoying my solo coffee — watching and cheering at a local race — enjoying being a spectator — the amazing accomplishments of everyone who tries.

being able to watch the kids race — the effort the kids put into their race — going for snacks together — having dinner already made — easy early evening.

morning coffee with hot chocolate — everyone waking up early — getting to work on time — the boy playing soccer — my dedication to my running.

having an unexpected coffee break with my husband — that he remembered to bring money when I didn’t — that he knows me so well — that some days can be good just as they are — the warm, warm weather.


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