March: Attitude of Gratitude

March was not a month that came neatly wrapped.

In the midst of this I forgot to include a few days worth of reasons for my gratitude, but I did not forget my intention.

I was glad all month that it was trying to be Spring.




Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is March 2014.


that on short notice we could organize a ski trip — being a morning person when you wake up at 4am — being able to sleep on the bus —  sunshine — that the kids both did great and had a good day.

getting up to do my longer run —  that I saw so many fellow runners — that the rain held off — that although extra challenging my yoga class still was so beneficial — nap time.

attending an inspiring and informative writing course — that my health is so much better that I can sit through a three hour course — taking my vitamins — rest day from running — last week of school before a break.

the consistency of my coach’s workouts — feeling so much better —  feeling hungry again — the people who show up for Tuesday night workouts — patience.

realizing that what we have is what we want — a mid-morning visit with a friend — people who are genuine — warmer temps — sunshine.

that I could be productive at work with so many distractions — feeling comfortable talking to a group of strangers — soup — muffin — staying balanced in more meetings.

waking up early — organizing schedules — knowing that the kids are off next week — hot lunches at school — time at home.

eating hot dogs and enjoying hot chocolate after soccer games – the friendly runners and bikers I met on my route – that it only rained for half of the time I was running – the love and support of my family – multi-tasking: eating in the bathtub.

out in the woods for my Sunday run – that my wool socks kept my feet warm when they got wet – hot water — warm toast – yoga time.

that the kids get a break from school and routine – that my daughter is able to go camping with a friend – that time alone is good for everyone – being patient with my running progress – eating what I want.

space to think – a good visit with my counselor — seeing the forest for the trees – seeing the sky around the forest – comfort in perspective.

a leisurely morning around the house – being able to spend time with the kids at home – walking to town – having lunch out with just the boy – his great sense of humour – taking the bus home and having the time together.

sleeping in a little – remembering to stay calm when things get busy – managing to do errands in a mostly organized fashion – filling prescriptions I’ve been meaning to pick up for the last month – that the supplements I am taking are really helping – the that the kids could go out for dinner and I didn’t have to cook!

getting work done with the kids’ help – feeling relaxed – the hours to do what I needed – doing what I needed to do – those hours.

the mental focus and determination I have gained — the relief and excitement knowing I have only two more long runs to do — the feeling of having run for three hours — the support I get at home — understanding that body parts will hurt and that this is normal.

friends who are willing to run on a Sunday – being outside – making it home in time to shower and eat – a yoga class that both frustrated and challenged me – the yoga class that reminded me to let go of expectations.

my husband giving me his physio appointment time slot – the lovely physio who caused so much pain and yet fixed me – having patience with my body —  a day off to heal – Epsom salts.

the kids enjoying their Spring camps — my son’s smile at the end of the day – his rosy cheeks – committing to going to my workout even though my body probably wouldn’t run – making it through my workout without causing more pain.

my son growing kale and potatoes and garlic – my husband altering his day to make my day easier – running before the rain started – an easy run to relax my brain – the feeling of stretching.

the excitement and fear of another long run coming up – learning to trust myself – accepting a range of possibilities – remembering to enjoy what is – chocolate.

almost getting caught up at work – an email from my mom – the many options on my cel phone plan – remembering to take it easier – setting my intention for acceptance.

waking up early and watching TV – being willing to face my fears and face challenges – seeing a good friend at the half-way point in my run – feeling stronger both mentally and physically – the joy and awe at running almost 37 km (23 miles).

beautiful views on our run today – learning from other’s experiences – normal is not the same for each person – leftover noodle salad – a yoga class that both stretched me and relaxed me.

extra caffeine – days to prep and pack – getting things organized and ready at work – letting go of results – less expectations.

sunshine on my run – listening to a good podcast – helping the kids get settled – seeing the kids be more independent – a meal together.

 meeting friends for a run – yoga class – keeping things simple – clean laundry – drinking enough water.

 a day off to prep for travel – extra hugs from the kids – a morning run – staying in routine – feeling comfortable.


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