February: Attitude of Gratitude

Continuing with the theme of sickness. More marathon training. Feeling good apart from feeling sick. Cold days. Wind.  Letting go of what I don’t need to do. Feeling more stable health-wise. Enjoying what I am doing out of choice rather than doubt or obligation. Good practice comes from acceptance. Soccer games. Runs in the rain/sleet/snow/wind. A birthday to turn 8. Yoga at the end of every week. Fresh laundry. Warm cookies. Settling in. Getting out.


That’s me on the left of the picture looking like a broken popsicle. It wasn’t actually that cold when you kept moving. We ran through knee-deep snow!

Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is February 2014.


that I could go and watch the kid play soccer — that his enthusiasm was infectious — the confidence from a good run — an even better nap after my run — spontaneously going out for dinner.

that I could meet up with a friend for a morning run — that the fog lifted and the views were amazing on our run — yoga class — that I had space and warmth at home — that I stretched out the weekend a little longer than usual.

that the boy turned 8 years old — that the boy happily ate the cake even after my two attempts at gluten-free cake mixes —  the reminder that birthdays are important — the reminder to slow down — that I figured out why my phone battery was draining so quickly.

that I had a parka to wear as the weather got cold — walking to work with my parka and gloves on — having someone else show up for an evening run workout — that we shortened the workout — getting home earlier than expected.

that my counselor always offers support and good perspectives — that I can *feel* that things have changed — caring less — caring more — realizing I need to work on my patience.

that the wind stayed away and I could run outside — the extra hot soup I had at lunch — texts from a friend — that tomorrow is finally Friday — taking the time to slow down.

snow tires — short drives — warming temps — wool sweaters — extra hot beverages.

watching the boy play soccer with his big grin — getting out for my run — running into my coach at the start of my run — feeling confident — the start of a long weekend.

meeting my coach for a snowy run — the burnt out and exhausted feeling after a run — a good restorative yoga class — coming home feeling pleasantly tired — a hot bath.

an extra day off — meeting my coach for coffee — finally getting the family out together — the wildlife photographer exhibit — a cozy bed.

choosing to eat less sugar — by-passing my favorite cookie — having leftovers for lunch — being efficient with my time — making it out for a workout in the cold and the wind.

still no cookie —  recognizing that even a bad run is worth something — finally finding my favorite work pants — that I could do a load of wash before I went to work — getting to work late and no one cared.

finally eating the cookie and realizing it wasn’t the emotional satisfaction I had hoped for — reading the many reasons not to “should” — knowing that what I do now will pay back in the future —  sunshine — watching the moon as I ran home.

a day to acknowledge loving ourselves — that my husband got V-day stuff for the kids — flowers — warmth in my heart — that I didn’t have to DO things for things to be okay.

the feeling that my running has suddenly turned into real training — having a purpose and a focus — watching kids play soccer — the positive energy after being outside — hot water, hot tea.

that we put new snow tires on the car — warm gloves — warm coat — the defroster in the car — a short walk to work — the ability to walk fast.

that I was finally able to get in to see a chiropractor — that his office was so close to work — getting home with a bit of breathing room — the kids being ready to go to soccer — managing.

that we can celebrate good in the world — having an office job when the weather is so miserable — having someone else show up for our outdoor run workout — feeling persistent and persevering — cereal for dinner.

choosing to take an easy run when I didn’t feel 100% — going slow in my run — stopping to stretch when I needed it — the feeling of accomplishment when you get back home — wool socks.

choosing to take an extra day off — stretching — epsom salt bath — pizza for dinner — going to bed early.

a shorter day at work — picking the kids up from soccer camp — spending time with the kids — going home and knowing it’s the weekend — feeling content.

that soccer tournaments got cancelled — the motivation to go out and run in snow and sleet and rain — the other people out on the trails who smiled in encouragement — feeling confident in my running — going out for lunch with just the boy.

snow day! — running in knee deep snow — the quiet in the trees — a yoga class that regrounded me — coming home and doing nothing.

that I was able to find something I thought I’d lost — taking the boy for a haircut — re-organizing my schedule — doing less — the kids’ patience and good moods.

that I am able to recover at home — that I can throw up and not be too phased by it — that a stomach flu is a kind of sickness that you don’t wonder whether you are sick or not or how bad it is — that my daughter brought me tea in bed — that it’s finally sunny again!

that I have a day off — that I can sleep whenever I want — that I’m not panicked about not exercising (yet!) — ginger ale — pajamas.

taking another day off to get better — dry toast — feeling slightly better — going for a very very slow jog — fresh air.

feeling more stable — eating a meal — getting through the whole day at work — packing for a ski trip in record time — a light jog that made me appreciate how much more enjoyable it is when I feel better.


10 thoughts on “February: Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Despite your stomach flu, sounds like February was much better. This is the time of year when I don’t envy your weather. I wish we had snow more often, but not as much as you guys up north had this year! I’m ready for spring.

    • We actually don’t get that much snow here on the west coast. At our sea level elevation, if something sticks on the ground for 24 hours it’s pretty miraculous. Higher elevations (think trail running) do get snow though. It’s the constant rain that can be hard, and given that we are on the ocean we do get a lot of wind. Almost over though – bring on the tulips, crocuses, and sunshine!

  2. Your lists are a joy to read. They make me think of all the experiences I shouldn’t take for granted. Like time to read posts about gratitude, in this moment, I am thankful for the reminder.

    • Honie,
      There are days where I struggle to be thankful but when we don’t have big issues (health, money, abuse) we focus on small ones. So small thanks are good thanks indeed.

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