November: Attitude of Gratitude

Change of pace. Inward directions. Seeking new light. Travel plans. A term of school. Baking. Cooler temperatures. Frosty days. Warm boots. Skating. Soccer in the rain. Running in the dark. Headlamps. Companionship. Comfort of a likeness. A stranger’s kindness. A counselor’s understanding. Stepping onto thin ice. Refreshing new strengths. Patience. Waiting. Days as small as an afternoon. Board games. Letting go what overwhelms. Doing less. Being more. Steady.


Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is November 2013.


November 2013

that Halloween is over — my Naturopath — a B12 shot — being productive at work — some time with my husband on a Friday night.

the kid’s enthusiasm about playing soccer in pouring rain — the joy of a heated towel after a wet soccer game — getting in my run and not getting lost — realizations made while having a shower — warm and sweet beverages.

fall sunshine during a run with my husband — a late breakfast — choosing less sugar — the choices I made in yoga class — having time for a nap.

a change of plans — making decisions — taking the day to add on to the extra hour of daylight savings time — finishing off the movie I started — getting errands done before evening traffic.

pacing myself in my work day — remembering to breathe — warm layers against the cold — feeling good through my hill workout — relaxing and relishing the evening hours.

joining my daughter on a school field trip — being able to see her in a different element — the motivation to do a workout at home — my husband coming home from work — tasty raspberry and chocolate muffins.

that anxiety is lessened when you add air to it (breathe!) — that my extended health benefits applied where I needed them — the calm after school as the kids drew pictures — the motivation to go for a run in the dark, cold, and rain — my son’s hugs, cheers, and support as I ran into the dark.

free hot beverage day — drinking more water — being able to fax overseas — sweet texts from my husband — Friday afternoon without expectations.

the space and solitude during my run —  still making it home on time after getting lost on my trail run — making it to the ferry on time — seeing how both a once-familiar city and I have grown — having a better half to share my experiences with.

an early morning Starbucks while the city sleeps — visiting with family — the similarities and differences between cousins — an evening extravaganza musical performance — going to bed and falling right asleep.

being able to walk to the museum and not having to pay for parking — being able to stop at IKEA on our way home — a lightening fast trip in IKEA — my iPhone GPS that showed us a quick and easy way to continue our route home — unexpectedly making the ferry on time (and not having to wait 2 hours for the next one).

taking a day off — getting weekend errands done with ease — planning dinner ahead of time — a calm and fortifying and encouraging hill workout — going home and the house being relatively calm.

more progress with my counselor — accepting (not worrying about) being minutes late for work — skipping the extra cup of coffee — “wanting” to go for a run rather than “needing” to — the owl that came to visit.

the nice guy who let me into traffic because no one knows what “merge” means — wearing the perfect amount of layers to be warm but not too hot — more fun running in the dark — the kids eating leftovers — car-pooling for soccer practice.

the reminder that being late is *not* the end of the world — deleting a lot of emails — the quiet that ensues after feeding the cat — my husband coming home early — popcorn for dinner.

the joy of a faster trail run — being present and content in my body — the quiet of the day — a nap when my body wanted it — spending time with my son and his sense of humour.

sleeping in — showers in the morning — getting to yoga — being at yoga — a nap.

reminders — tomorrow is a new day — my son’s enthusiasm for rain — chocolate — lying under the covers and doing nothing.

the house being cleaned — noodle soup — the comfort of running with others — the feeling of finishing a hard run in the cold — the house feeling calm when I got home.

Wednesday instead of Tuesday — planning to make things easier — new support persons — treating myself to change — going home and being the same.

sunshine — the defrost option for the car windshield — my heavy down-filled parka — meetings where I actually felt energized — an early weekend.

wonderful messages from afar — my son’s warmth and consideration — choosing to skip an extra cup of coffee — appreciating old photos of myself by realizing that I have a hard time accepting whatever is my present — quiet time with Netflix.

sleeping in with my eyes closed — a hot beverage delight — my husband doing the grocery shopping — my mini-nap at the start of yoga class — feeling calm after yoga to start the week.

that change and activity can be good for me — that going to work is enough change and activity — that the babysitters worked out — making dinner that almost every ate (the cat does not like chard) — a quick Facetime hello from my traveling love.

starting the car early enough that I don’t have to scrape the ice off — chocolate/peanut butter cookies — tasty spinach/basil soup — understanding that when things are “better” there are still trade-offs — not feeling totally deflated by my fatigue.

helping the kids help me in the morning — feeling productive at work — being honest about how I feel — heavy yet enlightening realizations with my therapist today — getting clarification when I needed it.

pre-planning the kids lunch meals — my Love getting home early — a reliable babysitter — taking myself for an easy run — a fun and relaxing concert with my Love.

all green lights in traffic — that the rain has held off — that people who seem so different can still commiserate — the kids making dinner (or feeding themselves) — less judgement/more wondering.

that the boy didn’t damage anything when he fell down the stairs — having fun watching the soccer game — having tea with just the boy and his sense of humour — that I opted to take care of myself instead of trying to “prove” myself — the quiet of the afternoon.


6 thoughts on “November: Attitude of Gratitude

  1. I love that you write down what you are grateful for and share it here. What a great way to keep life in perspective and remember that the little things do matter! Thanks for sharing and I plan to start my list tonight. 🙂

    • Hi Tracie,
      It does get me through some days when the green lights align in traffic or my kid does his homework willingly. Sometimes we overlook the everyday because it seems insignificant. It’s easy to love the big stuff, but it’s the small stuff (those long miles when no one is looking) that really count.
      Nice to see you!

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