September: Attitude of Gratitude

September. Back to school. End of vacations. Fall weather. Homework. Soccer practice. Shorter days. Yellow leaves. Crisp mornings.  Sweaters and shorts. Hot chocolate. Torrential downpours. Long runs in wet weather.  Wind. Wet shoes. Wetter socks.  Split pea soup. Fireplace. More movies. Extra blankets. Going to bed earlier. Reading more. New albums, new music. Laundry. Days and nights. Love. Colour.


Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. 


September 2013.

sleeping in — going to the gym when I felt like it — a good gym workout — a 2-hour kayak where I could see the land from a different perspective — another lovely nap.

everyone cleaning the house — an unexpected email from overseas — staying in my pajamas — a new TV show to watch — getting rid of junk.

first day of school! — the kids’ excitement — learning that both kids were happy and got really good teachers — starting our track workout a little bit earlier — feeling tired but satiated when I came home from my run.

the ability to get back into something so quickly when I’ve been out of practice for so long — more house-cleaning and purging — borscht for lunch — the kind people in the coffee shop — running without orthotics and feeling tentatively okay.

easing into routines — that when it was time to go out and take my daughter to an appointment the downpour and thunder had stopped — that not every driver is an idiot and some people know how to merge in traffic — that I have enough patience and tolerance to say “I can’t do this – right now.” — that if I pay someone, they will clean my house for me.

creating opportunities for the kids to do more — no line-ups when I was doing errands on my lunch break — having patience and empathy while “helping” my son do his homework — getting flowers from my boss — finally having the opportunity to watch a movie.

that the drizzle of rain during my long run did nothing to quash my enjoyment — that my long run went so well — the long nap I took — being able to teach kids responsibilities by example — the quinoa salad that everyone ate.

a lovely sunshine-y day — having a great run in this weather with my Love — finishing my gym workout before the meathead who screamed every time he did weights got started — having the kids help me do grocery shopping, and them being helpful — time to do nothing.

that there is only one Monday in a week — the weird chocolate chai concoction at Starbucks — that today I didn’t have to do anything after work, and I didn’t — opting to skip screen time for sleep time —  the minty-fresh taste in your mouth after you brush from a new tube of toothpaste.

early morning appointment which meant getting to work later — an extra coffee on route to work — stopping at home for a few minutes of quiet — having a decision made for me before I was too radically spontaneous — feeling comfortable at my running workout.

sleeping in — the lady who yelled “think ‘poolside’ ” as I ran uphill in sweltering heat — making it through my workout early in the day — not scheduling anything into my day — Netflix.

the truck driver who pulled over in traffic when he was going slow — a mostly-smooth visit to the dentist with the kids — no cavities!! — watching the process and progress as my son learns to read — soup.

an easier morning — an unexpected email — the rain holding off — getting home earlier than expected — do-nothing Friday night.

waking up and wanting to run — the passing cyclist who yelled encouragement at me about 1.5 hrs into my run — my husband for taking the kids to soccer — dry clothes — helping sand and paint wood for the sundeck.

a text invite to go for a trail run — running with others — still being willing to go the gym — the feeling after a good workout — the effort I put into making dinner.

Monday morning massage — being gentle with myself — patience at work as I take the kids to appointments — being home — fresh muffins in the morning.

that the kids make their own lunches — all the green lights on the way to work — rain in the morning, not the afternoon — managing and completing my running time trial — being understood by someone no matter how you phrase the words.

a moment’s pause in the morning — seeing the kids doing homework together — feeling invigorated after my run — going to bed early but still having time to read — setting my alarm for 5 min later than usual.

realizing the clock at work is 5 min fast — feeling achy, going for a run, feeling better — seeing my kid so excited about school — eating the muffin I was craving — that one of the kids knows how to put themselves to bed.

a really busy day at work that went by so quickly — feeling satisfied — going home early — the lady who let me merge into traffic — knowing that others aimlessly roam FB on a Friday night.

my husband for taking the kids to soccer — a great long run — seeing so many others runners — hot chocolate after a hot shower — wearing my favorite flannel pajamas.

sleeping in a little bit more than necessary — an impromptu run — that the rain held off — finally going back to yoga — a happy yoga’d body for the rest of the day.

reading good blog posts to start my day — odd and curious things I see walking down the street — that Facebook can fill a lot of time — texting with a friend about her good weekend — a hot cup of tea at the end of the day.

publishing a post that was easier to write — feeling more comfortable around new(er) friends — realizing that goals are transient and self-prescribed (and just as easy to change) — getting a harder workout down before the rains came — the feeling that comes with knowing tomorrow is a day off.

a day off — making cookies with the kids — getting an appointment on short notice — a lovely nap — feeling peaceful at the end of the day.

sleeping in but still making it to work on time — free reward drink at Starbucks — that black clothing matches anything — Rescue Remedy — a warm blanket at night.

all green lights driving to work — that it didn’t rain all day — going to see my chiropractor — meeting my coach for coffee — getting home to a lovely family.

being indoors during the worst rainstorm of the year — extra hot chocolate — a warm house — still going for a run — the relief of being done by run and finally dry again.

waking up and feeling so cozy — my Love getting me coffee — a delicious brunch I made for myself — a lovely yoga class — getting so much laundry done without even realizing it.

that the wind held off while I walked to work so my umbrella was a little bit useful — the weirdly delicious cherry chocolate tea drink I had — surprising my Love with yummy baked goods — coming upon an incredibly good sale on running clothes — iTunes to catch up on missed episodes.


11 thoughts on “September: Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Oh, so much to be thankful for. I related to having patience while your child does homework and was a bit jealous that your kids make their own lunches. I did to work on this! Here’s to more soup, massages, baked goods, and Netflix! I love the fall.

    • Baked goods are high on the list right now. Comfort foods and comfort time. It’s just fitting everything in during the diminishing daylight and rain that is a challenge. And yes: kids making their own lunches is wonderful. I’m all about kids having independence (the payback for me is two-fold). Enjoy the colors!

  2. Fall is my favorite time of year Tania. Great list. I loved this one: finishing my gym workout before the meathead who screamed every time he did weights got started. Irritants like him are a global phenomenon.

    • Irritants (like traffic detours or lukewarm coffee) we can tolerated by changing our minds. Irritants as people, also know as idiots, we can’t change. We can only walk away from those ones.

  3. I love fall and the routines that go with it, even though they can get hectic at times. Your list reminds me to be thankful for the little things. And yes, sleeping in is definitely one of those! As are kids making their own lunches. Life got easier when that started happening for us.

    • We can do the same things over and over and still feel futile and overwhelmed. In this way I’m so glad the kids started making their own lunches. If nothing else, the involvement in their own lives was worth it. And I love sleep. Sleeping in is so precious to me.

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