August: Attitude of Gratitude

August: Vacation and sunshine. Solo trips and summer camps. Sleeping in and catching up. Running for joy. Running without destination. Eating more greens. Visiting old friends. Going to IKEA.  Recharge for the school year. Meeting new dogs. Swimming in fresh water. Spending more quality time with the kids. Getting out of routine. Worrying less about work. Drinking coffee. Doing what I want. Caring less. Caring more. Learning to care for myself. The end of summer.


Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is August 2013.


August 2013.

holidays are coming —  holidays are coming — holidays are coming — an earl grey tea latte — holidays are coming!

getting to work on time — cleaning up work I’ve ignored for weeks– Rescue Remedy — taking myself for a run and feeling pleased — watching a movie.

getting up early — going for coffee by myself downtown and enjoying the early morning quiet — going for an easy, long run — that we have so much hot water we weren’t even phased by two showers, the dishwasher, and 6 loads of laundry — chocolate.

the kids ready with suitcases packed — efficient house-cleaning in minimal time — getting to the ferry an hour early — a content road trip — going for a run after a day of driving.

waking up in sunshine — leaving for my (our) own holidays  sans kids —  getting to the resort and loving the suite — the feeling of not having to do anything or be anywhere or plan for anything — getting comfortable.

morning yoga class — eating the pricey and decadent groceries purchased the night before — the jacuzzi — an afternoon run up a mountain — spending the day however we wanted.

waking up in peace — a morning cup of coffee — going for a swim even though I felt exhausted — lunch and shopping — getting back to see very happy kids.

fresh fruit — delicious roadtrip coffee — seeing the same scenery that I was used to growing up, but everything has grown — car games with kids — fresh salad from the garden.

having company for my long run — a great long run — running up the mile-long hill — visiting high school friends I haven’t seen in 15 years — meeting everyone’s kids.

a lazy Saturday morning with my Love — having Gramma take care of the kids — food the kids will eat — swimming in the river — going for a run and feeling so much better for it.

birthday day with my mom — taking mom out for brunch — cake at my brother’s house — watching the kids blossom into their own personalities — going for a run with my love in the forest.

watching a movie before getting out of bed — wandering around town — going for coffee and lunch — bumping into old friends — the night sky.

visiting relatives  — swimming in the cleanest water —the kids being delighted by country life — feeling peaceful amidst the trees — going out for dinner with an old and dear friend.

the kids packing up easily — time to play at the park — patience on the road — being able and willing to go for a run with my Love — cold water from the hose to spray on my feet.

coffee in the morning — everyone coming to the pool for a swim — understanding that other people’s habits don’t exist in my own home — someone else feeding the kids — everyone playing Clue together.

going home! — bribing the kids with ice cream to make decisions easier — GPS on the phone — making the ferry departure — getting home and feeling happy.

waking up at home — having coffee at home — a lazy morning — a lovely long run — having dinner as a family.

two cups of coffee — a day with no plans — that the family will still be on holidays next week and I don’t have to worry about making lunches tomorrow — doing what is right for me — a run with my Love.

a text from a friend — a day that ends with sunshine — getting to work on time — a nap after work — hanging on to the vacation-feeling as long as possible.

being busy at work that the day flew by — a good night’s sleep — a track workout where I didn’t feel dejected — new running shoes — the eat/shower/bed combination.

a morning cup of coffee at home — quiet of the morning — — my chiropractor — making peach and blueberry crumble with the kids — eating most of the peach and blueberry crumble we made.

a day of rest without guilt — wearing my joy-a-toes for fun — wearing my joy-a-toes for relief from heel pain — feeling relief from my heel pain — getting a lot done on my to-do list.

having the family meet me for lunch — being okay with skipping one workout to do another — how alike we all are — how unique we all are — breathing.

a fun, funtastic, fabulous, and easy long run — fueling myself pre-run with chocolate — kids helping with dinner — feeling rested — spontaneous date with my Love.

a morning run with my Love — a meal out together as a family — coffee date with my coach — the strength you can draw from being okay with being YOU — getting to bed at a mostly reasonable time.

my brave and wonderful girl going on her first solo trip — help and cooperation from little J — that I had time for an extra cup of coffee — that I am reminding myself to be patient and present during the day — adjusting to adjustments.

a good frame of mind — ease in my day — hidden chocolate in the cupboard — going to my track workout and having a great time — running in the rain and feeling empowered and cleansed.

my day off — my chiro appointment — picking up my kid early and seeing his smile — an awesome and encouraging run — having lunch, games, shows, a nap, shopping and so many other things all in one day with my boy.

registering for kids’ christmas and spring breaks camps so far in advance I won’t have to think about it —  spilling my coffee on the floor, not down my shirt — space at the end of the day — the feeling after the kitchen is cleaned — a dozen roses!

after the rains came sunshine — managing to still do what I want — that the kid can feed the neighbour’s cat — cooperative kid and useful babysitter — a dinner and movie date.

long run day — the guy who smiled as I ran up a hill and made me want to run faster — the beautiful weather for a run — a well-time nap — picking up my daughter from the airport.


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