July: Attitude of Gratitude

July was a month of reassessment.

We start to really feel summer here in July and this month was a blessing. Sunshine and perfect, warm nights made everyone happier.  As we shifted into the heat of the season it felt as though change was available to me. I talked to my coach and we reassessed my run training approach for less expectations and more fun. This month I have learned to be more in the present and to enjoy what I am doing.

It’s not an easy process for me, but when I am committed the present moment is full of opportunity and potential. I highly recommend a visit.


Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is July 2013.


July 2013.

a swim in an empty pool — an emotional realization on motivation — a cooperative kid — reading at the beach — chocolate.

long weekend — watching my 7-year-old do bathroom renovations — the bathroom being renovated — buying all the groceries except what I had on my list — feeling energetic after 6pm.

more sunshine — a day off — making a FB page for my blog — lunch with my Sweet — hand-delivered coffee at home.

the kids going to day camp and me staying home — early morning swim — my motivation — a good workout at the gym — picking the kids up early and having them do most of the grocery shopping.

having done laundry the night before —  leftovers for lunch — hiding chocolate in a place that only I will find it — coming home — love.

my naturopath — my naturopath’s advice — answers to questions — a pause in my day — cooperation creates harmony.

the whole house sleeping in — waking up slowly — doing my workout later in the evening — having fun shopping with the boy — that driving all the way across town (twice) was tolerable and easy.

the family going to a movie — running my usual route backwards and without a watch — enjoying coffee on a sunny bench alone — my hubby putting in a new kitchen sink — feeling like the day was not so rushed.

that the catastrophe that left us without child care for one kid was solved — sunny breezes — focussing on myself — coffee date with my Coach — letting go of self pressures.

a fairly successful work meeting — the anticipation and satisfaction of a hot beverage — picking up a really happy kid after camp — stopping a hard workout before it felt destructive — getting prepared for the next day.

getting up early to swim — leaving my swim workout knowing that I didn’t have to do it all — losing expectations — choosing what I want — hot chocolate.

not buying a muffin for lunch and feeling good about my choice — the pretty braids my daughter had when she came home from horse camp   — an extra long nap  — my son being self-sufficient – even if it involved TV and cereal — going to bed on time.

the wonderful blog post by RollerGiraffe that helped me see others feel like I do — going very slowly — a chance to run without expectations — the convenient and flexible babysitter — help.

seeing the kids in swim lessons — coffee drinks to go — coming home and having a nap — going out for a summer music fest — taking the motorbike so that we had easy-peasy parking and got home ahead of the crowds.

going for a stress-free run — coffee delivered by hand — chocolate — a cute summer dress — new music.

taking the girl to camp — getting coffee on my way to work, because I was already so late — picking up a happy kid from bike camp — going for a treat with this happy kid — going home and doing nothing.

letting go of expectations at work — choosing tea instead of coffee — reading good writing — getting through a track workout I didn’t think I could do — feeling more patient when exhausted.

an early morning to go for a swim — an easy morning at home — doing what I want — getting a lot of work done — going for a bike ride with the boy and my sweet.

my husband making lunches — making it through the meeting without falling asleep — not feeling as hungry — Thursday — almost having a blog post ready to publish.

having prepped part of lunches the night before — not forgetting my phone at home — eating chocolate and liking it — leaving early — focusing on the moment.

doing an extra workout that wasn’t planned  — eating out — making delicious brownies that everyone loved — spending time with my Love — a good book.

waking up to a quiet morning — an easy, enjoyable run — a long nap — doing the groceries when the store was almost empty — going to bed.

a good cup of tea with honey — my Sweet coming home early — having a micro-nap — hot chocolate — the joy my son expresses at finding clean clothes in the dryer.

looking at my training week with no expectations — being inspired by good writing — no expectations at work — being able to articulate myself — meeting a new counselor.

eating less — a good cup of London Fog — my Sweet meeting me for tea and muffins — picking up kids who were cooperative and calm(ish) — going to bed earlier with a good book.

sourdough bread — the cute guy on the bike who smiled at me — the random dad and daughter on the street wearing the same t-shirt — taking matters into my own hands — a half-price sale.

the coffee delivered to me in bed (and made by someone else) — swimming with the kids — going for a run with J — the babysitter who lives across the street — going to a movie on short notice.

getting up when I want to — going for a run and liking it — having a super nap — biking downtown with the kids — the free and fun Busker’s festival.

the kids helping make lunches — green lights when I’m late — a hot beverage pick-me-up — a quiet work day — doing nothing when I got home.

giving myself enough time to get ready in the morning — a blog post — being able to leave home early for my evening workout — support through my workout — coming home.

a full month of sunshine — a day off — a spa appointment — a successful and rejuvenating swim — a nap when I wanted one.


7 thoughts on “July: Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Being in the moment is really hard for me too! I have a hard time feeling good about my successes because I’m not really acknowledging the process. Additionally, it’s not any fun because getting there seems like a chore instead of a journey.

    • Sometimes it takes me years to acknowledge that something I did was good, or even great!
      I think that the journey can be seen as more of a chore than an experience. I’m more about results than process. Yet, strangely, I’m more comfortable to continue “trying” than to actually test myself. Never satisfied…

    • Hi CJ,
      Some days it’s easy to be thankful for the big things. Some days it’s hard to find something to be thankful for. The little things are what make up the big things and it helps me keep perspective on my life — even if it’s just for the little things.

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