June: Attitude of Gratitude

Now that July is leaving room for August I realize that I have not yet posted June’s A of G!  My apologies.

June was a busy month – emotionally. It felt like the month that I tanked and swam around on the muddy bottom of a pool for a while. Actually it was my running shoes and soul/sole that got muddy, but not in the fun, exhilarating, and good kind of way. So I plodded on. I kept doing what I know works for me. I tried to be patient. I tried to see the good in each day by keeping up with this list. Some days this seemed like a real challenge.


Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is June 2013.


a great run even though I got lost for 45 min — running on trails — feeling better about obligations — letting go and moving beyond — a tired boy who went to bed so quickly.

a delicious breakfast — breakfast (just me and my son) — watching bike races (just me and my son) —  a good nap — the appreciation for my son’s sensitivity.

waking up and feeling mostly awake — warmer temps both inside and outside — a tasty hemp protein and berry smoothie — another easy/non-structured week of running — great podcasts to enjoy while running.

rest day — publishing a post — making changes — a good and hot cup of green tea to start the day — my son’s hugs and humor.

getting to the gym after work — my husband coming home early — being able to watch my daughter race in a track meet — watching the track meet but being thankful I don’t have to run it myself — so much sunshine.

a day off — running when I want to — running in the sunshine — running longer because it feels good — a good chiropractor.

waking up and feeling like things are funny — going to work and realizing funny is all in the audience — my son waving goodbye from behind his binoculars — not going to the work meeting that everyone else did — warmer outside than inside.

*my chiropractor — hugs from my kids — Bach’s rescue remedy — finding an umbrella in my backpack when I needed it — finding matching socks.

swimming — watching the Parade with kids — a good latte — returning my DVDs to the Library on time — making a new-to-me meal of comfort food.

coffee date with my coach — the kids going to a birthday party — yoga — swimming — two naps.

hearing concerns — voicing concerns — realizing that sometimes people do run away — the trust of others (in me) — yummy salad for lunch.

doing something you fear to realize it’s okay — a massage — tired kids who go to bed early — going to bed early myself — an unlocked port-a-potty!

getting up early and going to the gym — making lunches in record time — being so early I could stop for coffee on my way to work — drinking said coffee — my husband’s patience.

surprise blueberries in my morning waffle — getting to work on time (two days in a row!) — not having to wear 15 layers of clothing to work to stay warm — a warm cup of tea — eating my body weight in delicious cookies.

realizing that waiting can be the hardest part — learning that I don’t like to delay the inevitable — a clean house — a lovely evening at home  — going to bed content.

sleeping in — getting back on my feet and running — getting more errands done in a day than I have in the past month — getting through the day with grace — patience.

more sleeping in — going for a swim — YOGA — empathizing with the pressures of growing up — going to bed early.

joyful unexpected abundance in the mail — only three more days of my current situation — compassionate people — this new WordPress dashboard redesign — eventually, the waiting will be over.

my Coach, who knows my mind well — kids who get dressed quickly — being disciplined with my thoughts — remembering to water the plants — soup for lunch.

a day off — getting up for a swim — going back to bed for a nap — seeming productive — dinner out with the kids.

getting into a routine — an end, which leads to change — taking care of myself — really, really helpful kids — my time alone with the kids.

waking up to less stress — realizing I can choose a different path — knowing that I matter — watching a movie with the kids — going for a walk.

knowing that my Love is coming home  — going out for coffee, solo — going for a swim and having the lane to myself — almond joy brownies — Big Full Moon.

yoga, again — hot chocolate — going out for dinner — going grocery shopping solo — doing my first run in a week.

less stress at the Grind — a coffee pick-me-up — going to bed early — not making dinner — eating cookies instead.

more clarity — sleeping in a little — last week of school: today was whacky hair day — strange dreams — realizing that I don’t like waiting.

happy kids — feeling better after a gym workout — completing errands — making the kids happy (school outing) — feeling a little more together.

last week of school — my husband on vacation — my mini-vacation starting soon — breathing room  — rest.

green lights in traffic — a tasty lunch — letting go of expectations — sunny weather — that I didn’t have to do anything at home

sleep — rest — recovery — run — regeneration.


11 thoughts on “June: Attitude of Gratitude

    • Some days it’s lunchtime and I wonder what I’ve been doing the last 6-odd hours. It’s nice to have time pass, but at the same time it can feel like a struggle to get through those hours. Ah, that elusive restful sleep!

    • Time to be thankful! Actually, it does take time. It seems like such a quick/simple thing but there are definitely days where it’s a bit like work to figure out what I appreciate.

  1. I thought this was a pretty hilarious starting point for your month: a great run even though I got lost for 45 min. I think this, at least the lost part, could be a metaphor for the lives of many of us, Tania. I’m grateful that the massive chest pain I suffered yesterday was not a heart attack, just a pulled muscle.

    • Vee, so glad to hear your chest pain was just heart strings and not the real deal. That’s gotta be scary. Yes – sometimes getting lost is the best part of a journey. But given this formula, you’d think my life would be a party all the time. Alas, I think the lost part needs to be unexpected…

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