May: Attitude of Gratitude

May came and went in a bit of a blur. I had one day etched in my mind and on the calendar (May 26, half-marathon race day) and the rest of the month seemed to be spent gearing up for this.

There were many school activities as well as extra-curricular activities wrapping up for my kids. My daughter went through dress rehearsals leading up to her final dance recitals at the end of the month. (It’s not the actual doing of these activities that is a struggle but the coordination, planning, costumes, driving, and remembering it takes to get there).

Our school year ends at the end of  June. Most of June is spent on field trips, movie days, eating ice cream during extra long lunches, and definitely less schoolwork. While we know that getting through May leads to June, I think by the time we reached the second week of May my kids had pretty much packed in their enthusiasm for school. I gave up trying to enforce homework and reading forms I mindlessly signed. I think for about two weeks I wrote the same date down on everything.

And May became -and mostly stayed- sunny.

This is the local Victoria Day parade. My favorite every year is the giant shopping cart.

Giant shopping cart in local parade. The marching bands were pretty good too.

Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is May 2013.


May 2013

running with a group — falling asleep 10 min after getting into bed — green tea energy — having more energy than I expected — moving closer to the weekend.

green tea — a relatively painless dentist visit — a brownie for lunch — clean socks — my foam roller.

Friday — sunshine — letting go — dropping my daughter off at camp — picking my daughter up from camp in 2 days.

getting up early for a morning run — a haircut — my husband surprising me with a delicious lunch — time without kids — a happy kid after a birthday party.

the smell of summer — an easy run with my husband — my daughter coming home from camp — making Brownies — a good yoga class.

accepting that things can be good — warm weather — getting up early to not have to rush — tea — hugs.

running with others — kind words  — getting a project done on time — the cat not puking on the rug — my husband making sure the kids were on time.

coffee with a friend — a run in the sunshine — feeling energetic —  having a nap when I felt tired — surprisingly delicious baked goods.

the tailor — finally getting around to doing things I put off for months — dealing with fears — the dishwasher — Bach’s rescue remedy.

Appt with my naturopath — clean jeans to wear to work — the realization that I don’t have to suffer to enjoy something — my Happy run — a new chapter.

cherry blossoms — birds singing — no rain — running — tasty dinner.

sleep — kids Mother’s Day cards and gifts — yoga — run with my husband — going to bed early.

physio — a day off — my foam roller — that having emotions means there is also change — not having to walk the dog, because we don’t have a dog.

new pants — maple syrup — that black clothes go with anything — a window to look outside — supportive friendships.

staying home with a sick kid — Netflix — a massage — a slower morning — green lights in traffic.

not eating beans before going for a run — the guy who moved his bike off the sidewalk as I was running by — time — eating out — knowing the kids have a day off tomorrow.

a long weekend starting tonight — when I know I have a day off running, but still want to run — a day off for the kids = happy kids — getting up early enough to get coffee — realizing someone out there feels the same way I do.

knowing that not every run with be fast and easy, but it gets done — being home from my run as the family wakes up — coffee with friends I haven’t seen in over a year — inspiration watching Ironman Texas — take out dinner.

sleeping in — a slower run — the warmth of the sun — yoga — the support of strangers.

spending time with my kids (watching a parade) — new blog followers who aren’t just robots or numbers — making the most delicious cookies and knowing I’ll likely never be able to recreate my modifications to the recipe — being inspired by friends who ran a 50 mile race — seeing how perspective makes my worries seem minute and trivial.

lunch date with someone I see so rarely but can understand so completely — easy parking spots downtown — that moment before the door opens and you see your Love is home — the kids being compassionate and empathetic — being able to close the door.

laundry piles disappearing — another easy parking spot! — my son moving fast when we were late — getting to dress rehearsal and back with ease — having a night out with my sweet.

practicing patience — a good cup of tea — a new iPod — conquering some fears on my pre-race run — going to bed.

getting to work on time — blue sky — the smell of sunshine — the end of the week — coffee date with my Coach.

getting my daughter to dance performances on time — sleeping in — a good, calming walk — figuring out that green tea cannot be drunk in copious amounts without the caffeine affecting me — time alone with my little guy.

feeling confident — feeling scared but knowing I can get through the feeling — my family coming out to support me — my coach and friends being on the sidelines — running a PB half marathon on the toughest course I’ve ever run.

relief — making cookies and eating them — feeling really tired, but also being able to relax — distractions at work — knowing that I will write crap sometimes and it’s okay.

knowing that caffeine exists — a lovely dinner with the family —  the kids helping out without being asked — possible trail runs on the weekend — hitting publish on a post.

my husband having a full head of hair — less activities scheduled — hugs from my son — more summer camp possibilities — realizing that some people just think of themselves and will always do so.

going to the gym yesterday — going for a run today — the caffeine in green tea when I needed it — being willing to make changes — knowing that if you want what you want you must also be willing to accept what you are given.

being so busy at work that it was 1pm when I finally checked the time — kind and helpful neighbours — a quiet weekend with only one kid — seeing a concert with my Sweet — getting home and not being completely exhausted.


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