April: Attitude of Gratitude

Where I live April is a month when Spring starts to be more reassured. There is change, there is a welcoming of the outdoors into our lives, and we relax a little more into the sunshine.

There was a lot of emotional growth and change internally for me this month. My running improved both physically and mentally leading me to a very successful 10k race at the end of the month.

I really enjoyed the sunshine — every day it was there I noticed it. My husband also met me a few times for coffee dates (during daylight hours!) and it was such a lovely highlight of my day: to enjoy each others company for a few minutes alone in our day.  It was these little things that really brought me so much joy and ease for April.


 Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is April 2013


ANOTHER day off — sunshine — gardening — sleeping — eating.

realizing it was almost time to leave work and thinking it was lunch — an easier hill workout — funny company — being okay where I am — cooperation by example.

the kids’ independence — some time alone — managing to get housework done in record time — yummy split pea soup — good & kind bloggers.

being somewhat organized — adrenaline to fill in the rest — the joy and curse of kids’ texting — email contacts — relief from sore hip/glute/hamstring pain.

a morning without incident — recovery day — choosing food that is better for me — an evening alone — going to bed early.

my husband coming home — waking up and actually feeling rested —  making changes for myself — more running shoes — resting.

Yoga — no running — happy kids — another evening alone — an afternoon with my boy: cookie date and a haircut.

some ease in the morning — planning for relief — a day where nothing is scheduled — the warmth that sunshine brings — choosing to create my own dynamics.

coffee date with my Love — running with friends — warm, yellow split pea soup — planning vacations — a hot shower.

the rain will pass — time to do errands and shopping — changes in schedules — the satisfaction of an easy blog post — a day off.

a canceled appointment makes my work schedule easier —  a re-scheduled appointment means I still get my treatment — learning to not “try so hard”  — feeling clean after a shower — so many leftovers I don’t need to make dinner.

dinner date — a delicious and relaxing dinner — looking at artwork — that the things you do every day can be easy some days — sleeping as soon as I crawl into bed.

no rain for my run — being cozy inside for the hailstorm AFTER my run — having fun on my run  — spending time with my kids — a nap.

yoga — the DADDY taxi — a nap — not having to do groceries — baking a cake.

the rain that stopped falling — less coffee, more tea — the LOVE in my life — seeing my kids succeed — being kept in the loop.

a massage — the smell of Spring — family cooperation — trusting certainty — waking up happy.

knowing that tired legs is more normal than I thought — Wednesday! — green lights in traffic — recognizing that seeing change is easier than being change — choices instead of obligations.

being busy at work — a visit with my Love (during daylight hours!) — the rain is holding itself aloft (it’s not pouring) — that I am willing to go out and run today, and tomorrow — that my kid wants to know how to do laundry.

it’s pouring rain and it’s my day off running — excitement for a friend currently running a 100 mile race — I could wear jeans to work — jeans can look clean even when they’re not — that simpler is better.

a sunny morning — an early morning run — a successful birthday party — watching girls have fun at bowling — a nap in the afternoon.

sleeping in — a warm cup of tea — yoga class — inspiration — dairy-free ice cream.

a nap — that black goes with anything — that what isn’t my problem, isn’t my problem — some ease in my day — the toaster over helping me make dinner.

a run in the sun — tea with my favorite date — getting to work on time — making it through the day when I only wanted to stay in bed — perspective is useful.

waking up to someone I love — that my shirt and pants don’t clash — manifesting what we need in our lives — the yellow blossom on the newly planted magnolia tree — more sunshine.

nothing is forever — windows to look out of — not making lunches — smiles from random strangers — being inspired by others’ passion.

a good good good night’s sleep — gluten-free coconut bread — feeling more content — wanting to blog — a bit more trust in the process.

a run with my hubby — confidence — breathing through my fears — Bach’s rescue remedy — that the kids can stay home alone.

sunny weather — the comfort of friends — trust in my ability — a great race! — the support and congratulations of friends.

a day off — more sunshine — early morning coffee — time alone — watching my daughter see her own success.

watching my son wipe up water I’d spilled on the floor — congratulations from people who know nothing about running — that the kids wake up when I wake them — vulnerability — the blogging community.


3 thoughts on “April: Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Isn’t it nice to get together with your spouse for unexpected lunches or coffee breaks (though it’s tea for me since I don’t drink coffee)? It seems we get so caught up in our lives, we forget what led us to each other in the first place. It’s always nice to reconnect.

    • It *is* really nice to pause in a day and reconnect with someone you actually like and *want* to spend time with. Seeing my spouse in daylight hours is a nice treat and, like you say, reconnection.
      I drink a London Fog – which is black tea with milk and foam.

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