March: Attitude of Gratitude

This month was the transition to Spring. After some mighty damp weather, we blazed almost into Summer with sunshine and warmth.

My daughter ran her first 5 km race — running the whole way — and I raced another half marathon. It was a success for us both: I was glad this time I was able to enjoy all the moments along the way.

I made some mental and physical progress in my running training. I blogged less and enjoyed time more.

I worried less, but still waited and waited for sunshine. Now turning the corner is getting closer and the sky is getting bluer.


Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is March 2013


staying indoors on a rainy day — good company — easy entertainment for the kids — finding a great place to eat in a new town — yummy snacks.

sunshine — waking up late — skiing with my love — letting go of a moment of pride and fear — someone else making dinner.

going home — easy road trip — a workout at the gym — the washing machine working overtime — leftovers for dinner.

sunshine! — sunshine! — things are falling into place — that receiving what you want is sometimes harder than working to make it happen — focusing on the Present.

getting to an appointment on time — getting to work earlier than expected — realizing that we can each ask for what we want — that March will be better than February — getting through my run workout even when I was aching all over.

thinking it was Tuesday and realizing it was Wednesday — that the Pickle was more cooperative than I could have imagined — that my husband could pick up the Pickle from soccer — that I still went for a run even though 99% of me didn’t want to — that the rain eased off for my run.

people who move themselves (and other pedestrians) to one side of the sidewalk when I am running towards them — the milk container not being as empty as I had thought — that I feel better after a workout — that my husband is super supportive of my run schedule — that my husband is also super supportive of my sleep schedule.

my kids being calm and funny in the morning — being able to wear normal clothes to work instead of wearing “work” clothes and trying to feel normal — a day without rain — comments on my blog — that even though I feel like I can’t handle it, I am handling life.

the random guy who said “Good job” to me as I was running uphill in tears — burning over 1,000 calories on my run — eating almost 1,000 calories when I got home from my run — nap time — grocery shopping with my husband like the olden days, no kids around!

doing groceries yesterday so I don’t have to rush to do them today — my husband, the taxi driver — that it didn’t rain for my daughter’s soccer games — understanding limits — a very gentle and grounding yoga class.

that everyone had some space this weekend — finding my previously-lost favorite pants — a new kind of tea — almost being able to see the bottom of the laundry basket — dinner together.

the parking spot directly in front of the store I needed to go to-when it was pouring rain out — having back up — still enjoying the feel of putting on my running shoes like it was the first time –people to run with when we run in the rain — being able to have a hot shower and dry clothes after the run.

a day at home — a good chat and reassurance from my Coach — donating used running shoes that will be re-used — caring less about the numbers and more about the words — visiting a friend.

a good physio appt — easy traffic when I needed to be somewhere — a good mindset — reflecting on perspective and feeling comfortable — trusting in my support.

a day of rest — the kids excitement — snacks for dinner — cooperation — a good cup of tea.

both kids doing great (!) in their races — the rain to run in — proving to myself I am tough enough to do hill workouts in the rain — realizing I am stronger than I think — getting home to a hot shower.

an easy and slow run — a great gym and yoga workout — an unexpected nap — not having to do grocery shopping — sunshine.

more sunshine — new boots and new running shoes — eating less — choices — awareness.

that the kids are on Spring Break — my husband for staying home with the kids — the right words of encouragement — a quieter evening — folded laundry.

a good sleep — green lights in traffic — a change of scenery — a shorter day — weather forecasts in another city.

a run along the ocean — seeing eagles — the smell of coffee on someone’s campfire — the quiet — being cozy with my family.

the choice to be okay with whatever happens — that the rain (mostly) held off — being able to run with friends — that like-minded people focus on the same things in the same way — choosing to make things easy.

that routine is also predictable — more blue sky than black — decaf coffee — feeling content — that I am stronger than I knew.

delicious brown rice flour, apple-berry muffins — the kids walking home — fixing problems at work — drinking more water — not feeling as sore as I expected after Sunday’s half marathon.

still running when feeling sore — green lights in traffic — muffins — that it was warmer walking home in the evening than when I left — funny things my kids say.

not my day to make lunches — feeling ready to run — the kind man who gave me the ‘thumbs up’ as I ran by — a short week — a change in the weather.

meeting with my Coach — a good night’s sleep — a sleep in — coffee — simplicity in daily things.

a long run completed — doing errands with ease — challenging the mountain of laundry — time with my Sweet — more sunshine.

helping the Easter Bunny make things enjoyable — new running shoes — not having to have a schedule — another day off — brunch with the family.


4 thoughts on “March: Attitude of Gratitude

  1. It’s so nice to finally see Spring creeping in. It really does create a whole new feeling in us. A feeling like anything is possible, and now’s the time to try it. Funny how seasons can alter our moods. I wonder if it’s the same for those who live in neutral climates.

    • On the west coast of Canada it’s somewhat neutral temps all year round, but it certainly does get cold and warmer. Because I live right beside the ocean in the winter it certainly is that “damp cold” that you can never dress warmly enough. And the skies are really gray. I always anticipate when things warm up, the cherry tree blossoms come out, and the sun shines. I certainly suffer from SAD so Spring is like a whole new feeling of possibility.

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