Fear not



Fear is the anticipation of future pain.

When we accept ourselves, we do not need to go out in the world to fix things. We have nothing to prove or defend. There is nothing to change externally for we accept how we are.

Changing others is an attempt to make ourselves feel better.



18 thoughts on “Fear not

      • Ah, well I completely understand but just so you know, you have been missed. πŸ™‚

        I’m good, I suppose… Q-end kicked off this week which means lots of hours and lots of work, but I’m not complaining (or am I?). It’s still cold here in Boston. 40s and windy today, dropping down to 20s tonight and I think it’s safe to say I am BURNT OUT. I want spring. I want warm. I want to start my garden. I’m tired of the cold. ARGH!!!!!!

        Also, the IT Band on my left side is causing me some serious pain, especially at night if I roll over on it. So I stopped running and only walk briskly for 3 or so miles.

        Adding insult to injury, my right hip has been bothering me for over a month so no ballet class for me. This past Saturday, I tried doing some barre work at home at the kitchen counter and screamed my head off when I tried to balance on my right leg and/or when I attempted a grand plie.

        Oh and I just turned 46 on March 25 — so perhaps all this pain is age related.

        Lucky me. 😐


        Aren’t you glad you asked? Ha-Ha!

      • I am catching my breath to write some kind of reply! Happy Birthday too!
        We had an amazing weekend (Easter long weekend) with 4 days off and sun, sun, sun. It was over 65 degrees! We skipped Spring and went to summer. It totally made my mood go happy. But now we are back to more normal temps and rain, wind, and grey skies. Blah.
        I’m also battling some kind of extra sore glute/hamstring muscles. I’m running less this week with the intention of recovery.
        Are you doing any specific stretching/foam rolling for your IT band? That is a hard tendon to heal and the pain can be really unpleasant, even when not running. I feel for you. And no barre classes either?!!
        Hope the rest of the mad year-end rush is easy for you. Sometimes it’s nice to be busy — and other times it just makes you feel so busy you want it all to stop. Hang in there.
        I’m glad I asked how you were. πŸ™‚

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