February: Attitude of Gratitude

February is the shortest month but also the hardest to get through. This month my youngest kid turned 7. Most of my family spent at least three days being sick. I realized I was B12 deficient, ran my first race of the year, and finally saw some sunshine.  Some days my mood felt like winter, others it was more like Spring. February is a mixed bag of mixed emotions.


Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is February 2013


my patience when it’s needed the most — a very, very good run. Finally I can run and breathe — texting with friends — a mixed-up drink order exchanged for a free drink  — little boy birthday excitement.

doing my run before I started throwing up — a good book — a supportive and accommodating spouse — sleeping in — Groundhog day (the movie and the day).

birthday boy turning 7 — friends running inspirational and awesome races — a day to recover — a successful birthday cake — change in plans that were easy to accommodate.

physiotherapy — voicing my challenges — picking up the kids from school — leftover birthday cake –patience.

getting up early with ease — making lunches with ease — feeling better, but only working a half day — leftovers for easy meals — being organized.

a break at home between appointments and work — having the house cleaned by someone else — understanding myself by putting my thoughts into words — not making school lunches — having clean clothes to wear.

the weather forecast being right — sunshine — a nap — a kid who pukes without fuss or incident — not having to make dinner.

a fun and muddy solo run — time for a rest — the kids having a playdate — more sunshine — starting the massive pile of laundry.

a day of rest — a supportive husband — being able to sleep as needed — time for Self — being left alone as needed.

a long bath — not having to wait too long at the clinic — finally ordering my complex hot beverage correctly (silly Starbucks) — support from my blogger friend (Tracie) and coach (Myke) — going out and feeling better.

getting up early and feeling positive — a good swim — a good nap — a relaxed run — the effort the kids put into homework.

the kids getting up early — lunch with my Sweet — a good chai latte — not caring so much that it’s raining — going for a run and reminding myself to relax.

Oh, Friday — one of the kids getting up early and not being late, the other getting up later because she needed the sleep — help with the kids — comments from Monk Monkey — red lights in traffic to remind me to slow down and breathe.

a day with just my boy — going for a windy walk along the ocean — having a hot chocolate stop  —  going for a run/bike ride — spending time when neither of us feel pressured.

getting up early to run in sunshine — a nap — getting to yoga — decaffeinated tea — an early bedtime.

getting up early, debating, stalling, and then actually going swimming — planning on getting to work late — support — a hot beverage to get me through the day — shifting a little and having things be easier.

an insightful read — my coffee actually being regular when I asked for decaf — a really great run — really nice support at home — almost sleeping through the night.

an early morning run with raccoons for company — agreeable kids — turning a corner — already Wednesday — not locking my keys in my car.

settling down — sleeping in almost to my alarm — leaving early — staying late — perspective that what I continue to create is what I am used to, not necessarily what I want.

getting done what needs to be done — good advice I can follow — knowing that we will change when we want to change, not just when we are asked — breathing — choosing to take care of myself, rather than indulging myself.

being willing to change when flexibility is offered — an unexpected visitor (mom) who helps out tremendously — publishing a blog post — being understood without being defensive — the fact that the world is pretty neat.

that Tuesday was good — an unexpected free drink, and a free breakfast — this too shall pass — the idea that greatness is different for everyone — we get to choose our own adventure.

leaving work early — surprising someone on their birthday —  the last day of February — leaving for snowy climes — buying yummy food.


24 thoughts on “February: Attitude of Gratitude

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  2. I’m not a fan of February, but March is my ick month. I think it’s because I’m stuck between winter and spring. I’m so ready for it to be spring, but yet more snow and cold comes. Plus it’s a long one. But then April comes, and winter quickly becomes a distant memory. 🙂

    • I find Feb/March to be a bit like the change that comes with longer days. After the winter equinox comes a few weeks go by. Then it seems like overnight it is lighter out and you don’t remember so much how it used to be dark. You certainly do remember, but your Present is so different you don’t really relate backwards anymore.

  3. February is actually one of the best months here in Texas. Spring starts to make her presence known, but the cold mornings remind us that it’s still winter. It’s one of our best running months. So far, March has been pretty awesome as well. Hope your days get a little sunnier this month.

    • So strange to think that February — month of snow and rain — is actually a good running month for you. Glad you could take advantage of it. I’m personally looking forward to some more sunshine and daylight. Our cherry blossoms are blooming so things are moving in the right direction.

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