January: Attitude of Gratitude

Oh, January. We have turned over the leaf of the calendar pages, started adding a new number to the year, and thought about where we’ve been and gone. We look ahead, we look behind, and we look at now.

This January I hired a new coach for my running. I also incurred an injury which scrapped all my immediate aspirations for running. I felt the let-down of blogger’s block and continue to wade through it on my own time. We made plans for February holidays and then had to scrap them for a later date. January is a month of transitions, even though it all feels the same. It is refreshing and rejuvenating, but it is still Winter. It is cold and moves slowly and is still dark a lot of time.


Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is January 2013.


sleeping in — no obligations — getting the hardest run of the year over with — the health food store being open when the grocery store was not — everyone did something they liked.

another day at home — going slow — coffee and a puzzle — meeting with my Coach — skipping a workout because it wouldn’t do any good to suffer.

a quiet morning — support from my massage therapist — a massage — knowing that I can be flexible without having to do more — a good bike ride.

a clean kitchen — my red warm gloves — knowing my weekend will be easier than expected — lunch with my Pickle — only 8 hours in a workday.

nothing scheduled — a run without time — girls movie matinee — a parking meter with lots of paid time — knowing that in a room full of people I would still pick my spouse as the person I’d most want to meet.

progress in my run — yoga class — time — new pink compression socks — chocolate cake.

not being too late for work — a relaxed day at work — easily finding a birthday present  — remembering the birthday was coming up — feeling grateful for what IS.

a fairly easy morning — an umbrella for the pouring, pouring rain — a phone call from my mom — realizing that we cannot change an experience for another person, we can only change ourselves — realizing that just because an opportunity is present does not mean someone will learn the lesson.

some sunlight, so it doesn’t look like 10pm all day long — getting to the post office ahead of the 20 min line-up — getting up easily for an early workout — feeling good after the workout — not feeling so stressed and panicked and late after a busy morning.

finally getting to Thursday, after thinking all day yesterday it already was — getting more done this morning than expected — a good evening with my running group last night, even though all I did was stand on my lame leg and cheer — a doctor’s appt that lets me leave work early — funny texts and my funny reaction to caffeine.

a good morning workout — texting with a friend for perspective — gift certificates for me!  — a massage and tape job on my Achilles and heel — sunshine on a cold Friday. But Friday nonetheless!

getting out for a slow run — more sun — chocolate made with rice milk — buying clothes on sale — staying up to watch a movie.

watching friends run the fastest 8 km race of their lives — realizing I am a good spectator with a cowbell — yoga — getting groceries right after yoga and saving time — making 2 dinners to prep for the week ahead.

getting into the pool for a swim after almost talking myself out of it — not caring — muffins — my attempts at staying focused — an unplanned evening.

the coordination of time in my favour — more muffins at 6:30am — physiotherapy — my running coach and his sound advice — a new headlamp for running in the dark.

my good effort at last night’s workout — sleeping in — my chiropractor — multi-tasking with 5 loads of laundry — other people’s patience with me.

a day off — flexibility for my schedule — leftovers for lunch — green lights in traffic — cooperation.

kinesio tape for my Achilles — lovely sourdough gluten-free bread — aking the kid to the chiropractor and the doctor helping — feeling tired but stronger after my workouts — that I don’t have a dog to take care of on top of everything else that’s going on.

my husband reminding me that I can do whatever I want, even if I want to do nothing — a run and strength workout — Netflix —  being early for soccer and not having to rush so much — making dinner that both kids ate and enjoyed.

someone to tell me to take the day off — some sunshine after a pea soup foggy morning — easy errands — getting to an easy place — that yoga class again.

being in the pool and not drowning — prepping the night before to make the morning easier — still drinking coffee (even if it is just decaf) — my week’s training plan: scheduled naps!  — creativity — it’s in here somewhere.

two totally random strangers for saying good morning — my 12 min wake-up exercises that actually do make me stand taller — kind emails and breathing techniques — a good night’s sleep: simple as that — perspectives, and how we can change our minds.

committing to myself — changing a habit, even once — cooperative and easy kids — less traffic — choices in partnerships.

the kid from the third story window waving hello  — getting it all done with cooperation and ease — waking up from a bad dream and realizing you are safe in bed — feeling energized — my training program.

zing — I have some kind of strange, peppy energy. (Maybe from the scheduled nap I took yesterday afternoon) — Friday, Friday, Friday — kids being cooperative again — the happy, surprised smiles when I gave the kids hot chocolate for breakfast — that being myself really is the surest way to be.

realizing it’s Saturday instead of Sunday. — an afternoon nap — bloggers on Facebook — baking a practice cake — running, and feeling better.

sleeping in and good coffee — eating better — easy run day — being centered and grounded at yoga — time alone in the hot tub.

Tazo chai tea (I may as well skip the tea and just drink sugar) — getting up  — another swim work out — the brilliance of those (bloggers) around me — those who stick by even when it’s going downhill.

waking up too early, but getting back to sleep — chocolate for breakfast — helpful, competent kids — that the afternoon went by faster than the morning — my Achilles tendinitis / Plantar Fasciitis feeling better.

a day at home — a day at home — a day at home — a day at home — a day at home.

a good chat with a good friend — flexibility at work — hugs from my kids — realizing that change can be as easy as saying “stop” when things don’t feel right  — chai tea to keep me going.


22 thoughts on “January: Attitude of Gratitude

  1. What a great idea to jot down what you’re grateful for. It’s one thing to think it, but it’s another to see it written down and then posted on your blog. Would help reiterate it, I imagine. I just know I’d never take the time to do it…

    • Doing it keeps me connected to what matters to me and focusing more on what I want than what I complain about. Plus, having to get here every day and do it also keeps me connected to my blog. I obviously don’t post every day, but just checking in is good for me.

  2. Very smart to keep the things that make you grateful ever present. I admire you for making this a priority, and I bet it is nice for you to see them listed like this. Are you still tending your injury? btw…my class was picked up by a different instructor. You were right – ; )

    • It *is* a nice reflection at month end to look back at the little things that made each day worthwhile.
      My injury is better; now I’ve been struck down my a nasty flu and my stomach is uncooperative. This should pass in a few days. At least I’m getting lots of sleep.
      Great to hear your class is going ahead and with a new instructor. Funny how that works out. 😉

  3. January was a strange month for me as well. Good, but not very productive. Nothing we can do but work through it and keep going. It will pass, and you’ll come back stronger and better than ever.

    Today I was feeling a little moody, then I realized it was nothing more than sadness about having an empty house again. Just knowing there was a reason for my mood made me realize it was okay to feel sad. It’s the random bad moods that seem to hit for no reason that are the toughest to work through. Hope your Achilles is feeling better.

    • Sometimes it helps to know what we are sad about, much like I write down what I am grateful for to remind myself of reasons. I’m much easier to slip into the moodiness than the happiness so it’s good for me in this way to keep track.
      January was a funny month – like you I wasn’t very productive. Achilles is much better, now I am battling stomach flu instead. At least this is more immediate and temporary.

    • Maire,
      It takes some dedication to focus on a few things every day. Some days it’s a breeze, but it’s more worth it on the days where it feels like a challenge. I appreciate it even more on those days to focus on what gets me through the day.

    • I have a widget on the side of my blog where I post the daily list. I usually write them mid-day… when I reflect on the morning (usually my most stressful time of day) or the previous afternoon. I’m not super strict about it being exactly the day, I usually reflect back on 24 hours.

  4. Cool. This is a good idea, yo. I think I will be doing something like this. That is not sarcastic Adam speaking. He is taking time off at the moment. You know, I’m just starting to realize how many runners I follow. Is this some secret underground movement that I’m not aware of, or a part of yet?

    • Not-sarcastic Adam,
      I like focusing on little things because I find the big stuff too overwhelming and riddled with expectations.
      I’m not sure if there is a secret underground movement that you are not aware of. There may be, but of course if you are not aware of it, it just as likely may not be. Once you become aware of something it disappears.
      Perhaps you just have preferences.

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