A clown to wrangle

When the lion tamer left the doors to the lions’ cages open and the lions escaped, he was asked what had happened. The lion tamer thought it was pretty obvious: he had opened the door and the lions had chosen to walk through the space left vacant. Sometimes things are so simple. When we see an opening, all we have to do is allow ourselves the opportunity to be part of the change.

Le Clown had suggested we write a post as an application to be considered for the auspicious title of ACOFCMW. He said this on a Monday, and Mondays is when I am fresh out of ideas. My mind was so barren I had to look up what the ACOFCMW acronym stood for, just after I read it. (It means A Clown on Fire Club Member Wrangler).

I don’t get by in life by being the battle-axe weilding, storm-trooping, pee-standing-up, trade-marking kind of Funny. I cope by doing: I get things done I don’t want to do, I sometimes make people move faster than they want to, and I can do quite a few push-ups. In short, I can wrangle. You need more than straight-up humour to wrangle.

I am not fond of small-c clowns, but have grown especially fond of Le Clown. He is, as someone often states, good people. While Le Clown and Eric team up to handle the masses of their diverse followers through molding of opinions and encouraging adolations, a Le Clown on Fire Fanclub needs someone — to be the placeholder.  When Le Clown is not, the placeholder can be.


“Pull my finger, placeholder!”

While I know not the specifics of what a Wrangler position entails, other than the great ACOFCMW -or just “W” for short- after your name, it sounds like a honour. I am up for the challenge. For all the popular culture references and “eff-you” exclamations dropped on ACOF I counter from left field with fresh eyes. I am from the salty air of the Pacific Ocean and the wetlands of the Coastal Rainforest, which has to mean something because statistically there are more healthy people here than anywhere else in Canada. We can all appreciate a healthy Wrangler.


We. are. healthy.

Does a Wrangler set the tone? Do they do administrative duties? Will they be hocking t-shirts with BFF4EVS on them?  I don’t know. I do feel like a Wrangler unites the Fanclub Carnies under the same big tent. Much like when the Bieberettes join together online to discuss their favorite puppet, the only commonality is a group gathering. Maybe a Wrangler takes attendance and then loses the sheet before noon. Tant pis!

If nothing else, I pledge to you: should I ever be gifted with the title of W, I will also address the elephant dung left behind by the monkeys who were hoarding it for their paintball fight. Things like this happen in a Circus.


25 thoughts on “A clown to wrangle

  1. Wow!
    At the finish line while the others are bickering and shoving comes Tania!
    This is brilliantly done and I suspect Le Clown will fashion a crown for you.
    Sarcasm, wit, and mockery; all the necessary traits to fill the position.
    Well done!

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  3. Quinoa W,
    Now… Taking back the W from George Bush. You speak my language. I am thrilled to see you part of the race.

  4. A worthy résumé. You ask some tough questions of Le Clown about what a Wrangler does. I certainly don’t know. I thought a Wrangler roped cows. I live in Texas. What do I know?

  5. Excellent! The job of Wrangler sounds too much like work that I would be neglecting ~ I wish you well on your endeavor – get that dung cleared up!! I hope Le Clown forgives me for not participating in the Wrangler contest, but ya know – we still need the carnies to wrangle…and that’s me!

  6. Le Dub,
    You handled your application with more maturity and grace than any of the other clowns. I think you stumbled onto something important here – Le Clown is gonna need a few level heads around to keep the circus in order…

    1 vote from Adam

  7. Nicely done, Tania!! I’m glad I don’t have to choose a wrangler from among all these entrants because this is just ridonk. How can anyone choose from all these fine candidates? Good thing it’s Le Clown’s problem and not mine.

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