December: Attitude of Gratitude

December was a busy month. We decided as a family to keep Christmas low-key this year, and I think we generally succeeded. There was not the post-elation crash for the kids, and I felt our sense of gratitude was more apparent for what we did have. We were thankful for the small steps to make these realizations; it’s not always easy when the pressures can overwhelm us. I did a fair bit of baking and cooking, but I did barely any shopping. My husband did a lot of it, for which I am so grateful. I’m better at going to the dentist than I am at going to the mall.


Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is December 2012.


my Love being back home — the end of a hellish week — a strong workout, even if I felt weak — being inside on a rainy day — support in my life.

so many ideas before bed — beautiful rainforest to run through — double-knotted shoelaces — the rainbow at the top of the lookout — taking the kids to the ballet.

looking at the clock for the first time and realizing your work day is almost half over — getting to maybe is better than just saying no —  lunch (when I forget how cranky I am when I don’t eat) — not my day to say “hurry up and get dressed” all morning — my Love who asks me “When would you like to do your workout today?”

the perspective that who I am is not reflective of likes or followers on social media — my physiotherapist —  an empty parking spot right next to the building when I am late for an appointment — leaving the house closer to on time — being able to go and do my own things with the support of my family.

supportive emails from two unexpected places — a really supportive friend — the time for two workouts — feeling more relaxed at home — eating soup on a cold day.

more virtual support (I love you guys!)  — my beautiful new cape to keep me warm (and stylish) —  a good cry on the way home in the car — people who clean our house — real time / real life support.

my naturopath – for her easy ways and wisdom and support — a kid who sings, “Let’s make foods that start with F. Let’s make French Toast for breakfast!” —  an easy day at work — reading great blog posts that inspire me — feel abundant in my life.

a coupon for a haircut — a cheap and great! haircut — getting errands done — the kids helping me with christmas baking — realizing that most time lines are self-imposed expectations.

my Love for doing *so* much for me today — a great friend for showing up for a run neither of us wanted to do — a hot shower after the run — a mini-nap — a warm house and a roof as it rains and rains and rains.

lots of green lights when I was late for work — a well-timed post on deflating our ego — a good sleep — having choices — this list.

the chocolate I ate today that put me over the edge, but also took the edge off my day — being treated with kindness — not having to make lunches — thoughtful blog posts and a reassuring email — getting christmas shopping started.

my kind and helpful hygienist — really, does a hygienist get thanked enough in a day? — some realizations that help me figure out who I am — kind commenters on my blog — a bit of sunshine — a day of rest and recovery, and maybe wine.

my supportive and willing husband, even when I have irrational demands –that my kids are my kids and they are safe and loved — inspiring and reflective blog posts — making space for me — those who choose to challenge their beliefs.

going and finishing a long and wet run — good friends who babysat our kids — inner knowing and peace after yoga class — some time for rest — knowing there is just one more week of school (and making lunches) before some days off and holidays.

an early morning workout — hot tea that someone else made and brought me in person — my warm wool coat — a nice (paid) lunch out with co-workers — support for my goals.

being inside when the rain was lashing outside — the calm and quiet of an evening run — the Christmas lights we saw on the run — the patience to bake another cake when the first one disintegrated — going to bed and being asleep within minutes.

my kids being more excited about my birthday than me — having time to make 2 cakes (when the first one disintegrated upon assembly) — feeling abundant when shopping — thoughtful family members who still remember who I am and that it is my birthday — no crazy winds.

an easy day at work — the (free) chai latte that distracted me from my chocolate headache — time to workout after work — date night! — cake for dinner.

waking up in the dark for a fabulous run with some fabulous girls (and one great guy) — finally being on holidays — being inducted to Le Clown’s blogroll — the readers of Le Clown’s inductee post who commented or liked or followed — eating cake for my second breakfast.

waking up late and still doing a great workout — being at home — getting christmas baking done — going to see *another*  movie — being thankful for what is, and what isn’t.

having Christmas with just our family — all the dirty dishes that can wait — my husband for supporting me as me — that my husband and I want the same things — how the kids are grateful.

being indoors and feeling cozy with family — joy — how the kids trust magic — sleeping in — not needing to “do” more.

a new Garmin to take on my run — the hot tub — some quieter time — lots of food — watching Dr. Who with my favorite guy.

changes in the air — my husband being with the kids while I go to work — less cookies — some sunshine — starting to feel less time-stressed.

Friday — irony  — more days off ahead — clean laundry — date night.

going on my longest run in 2 months — finishing the run — new running shoes — chai latte — funny posts by my blogging friend.

dinner and a movie! — time in the hot tub — a good morning workout even though I was tired — holidays, AND also going to work tomorrow — tasty leftovers.

a short day at work — a day off from workouts — a new schedule of workouts to look forward to — seeing friends on New Year’s eve — the Eve of a New Year.


10 thoughts on “December: Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Reading about the things you’re grateful for reminds me of all the things I’m grateful for as well, so thank you for this list. I’m glad you have so many good things in your life.

  2. Sounds like you have found many things to be grateful for in your life. I need to look at the little things in my life and instead of looking at what went wrong, look at what was a blessing.

    • Marie,

      I find this helps me to subtly shift my perspective. It’s not that the whole day was terrible because of one thing; more like there were little things that made my day easier, things I could be grateful for, no matter what else happened.

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