Week 52. Light.


It’s starting to feel like daylight is creeping back. I don’t do well without sleep or Vitamin D, both of which are harder to come by in the winter months. Now that solstice has passed we are slowly adding on minutes of daylight each day. This must be what waking from hibernation feels like, without the hunger pains.

This is my last day in the WordPress challenge to post daily for a week. It had its moments and I’m even more in awe of those of you who undertook November’s NaBloPoMo.Β What I enjoyed the most about this is all the new readers I’ve had to my posts, and to see their blogs. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how much traffic would be out on the interweb over Christmas.


The time between Christmas and New Year’s is week 52. It’s the denouement to the chaos of Christmas, but also the relief that we got through it again. We are wrapping up our thoughts for the year. We try to process our thoughts. The Universe is a big place. Everything happens somewhere.

And in that somewhere, we write. Writing every day is a process. You need to create time to do so, and you need to be organized. I set out knowing I would be able to write about Christmas and maybe something about New Year’s resolutions. But that was it. I still had to come up with something for a few more posts. I was patient. I’m a little impressed that I got off 5 posts in 5 days.


It’s finally Friday again. I have been back at work for two days now, after some time off for the holidays. It’s a bit of a shock to not be able to sleep in and eat cookies for breakfast. The holidays are so easy to slip in to, and harder to slip out of. It’s much like writing. If you can create the time suddenly you are doing something that wasn’t your norm. Step away for a bit, and sometimes you forget which muscles you use. Where is the creativity? How do you organize your thoughts? I am glad I took this week, number 52, to see if I could stretch myself, to see if I could do a little bit more. Things feel a little lighter. Happy Day Five.


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