Finding a rainbow

I’m not much for unicorn farts. Nor do I think unicorns shit rainbows.

That being said, it’s nice to find a rainbow, especially when it’s unexpected.

I haven’t been feeling great lately but sometimes getting out of your personal “inside” can help. Today I joined a group on a trail run that was long and steep. Some days you feel like you should be in better shape. Sometimes you remember runs where you were in better shape, but then in this reality all you have is one pace. Nothing hurt so much I needed to stop, but everything hurt enough that it was some slow going.

I ended up running most of this run solo. I couldn’t keep up with the faster group ahead of me, yet didn’t want to slow down so much to join up with a slower group. So I ended up running alone and felt discouraged. I think it was more that I was just wanting another body around. I haven’t run in almost a week and was lacking motivation. I made it to this run specifically because I knew it would be a group run.

It was beautiful on this run:




I ran through puddles and along rocks and logs and mossy trails. The sun even came out, interspersed with a fine mist of rain.

We had decided that we would all run for about an hour, and turn around wherever we were at that time. I assumed I would be running with someone else, so hadn’t bothered to check when the turn-around time would be. I hadn’t seen anyone in a while but knew I was close to the top of the mountain. I also knew I had to be home by a certain time. This was not a good moment to be running along blindly.

But then I neared the top of the mountain. There were a few runners there already, waiting to ensure I reached the turn-around point but also so that I  got to see the view. It was cold and windy, but as I looked across at the ocean and mountain tops, there was a rainbow. Sometimes you see things in unexpected places, and rainbows are good for this. It was just waiting to be seen.


It was off in the distance, but I could still see it. It just touches the tops of the trees.

I am grateful for this.

What are you grateful for?


22 thoughts on “Finding a rainbow

  1. That is beautiful ~
    I’m grateful for much this year – my husband has been underemployed for several years and was in school before that (as well as being a stay at home Dad) so it’s nice to have two people working as we move into the holiday season. I’m also grateful that all of us are healthy and happy! And I’m grateful for people with good things to tell ~

  2. Great mountain rainbow, Andrea. I’m grateful for the people in my life, and for the basics. Also, for your sharing the rainbow capture and asking the question. Thanks!

      • O boy. I’m sorry Tania. Somehow I thought you were the second Andrea running blogger I knew. Apologies. Still, Tania, thanks for your posts and the inspiring images and running talk. It’s why I follow this blog!

      • We all get confused some times. I often get confused a few times a day.
        Thanks for your comments! I’m trying to branch out a bit more beyond the running, but I hope you’ll still find something worthy to keep you entertained.

  3. Hang in there, it will get better. I’ve been in that limbo between groups on some of our group runs before and I don’t like it either. It kind of defeats the entire purpose of meeting the group when you wind up running alone anyway. I had to run alone on Monday morning and resorted to music to get me through. I never run with music and really enjoyed it. Plus, I have great taste in music. 🙂

    • I’m glad you like your taste in music. It would be hard if you had to listen to something you didn’t like.
      I ran yesterday and it was good to just get out — though generally I’m needing the group support these days. My mind just wants a long vacation, but my body knows how much that hurts. Next group run I’ve already got a running buddy planned, so there will be no solo 10 mile runs.

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