November: Attitude of Gratitude

November was a hard month, both physically and mentally. Life was challenging, so was blogging. I’m not sure those challenges are over yet, but November is. So I’m trying to move on with it too.


Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is November 2012.


a lovely evening and nice morning — heavy clouds but no rain — the feeling of contentment — happy post-Halloween kids — the responses to my blog post on BWW.

vitamin D — yesterday’s run — new followers — Help is on the way — my Love

a plane safely arriving and another safely departing — full tank of gas —  cooperative and helpful people — kids too! — Yoga — electronic communication.

some solutions — good start to the morning — restful sleep — pausing and reminding myself not to compare — breathing.

a good sleep (never overrated) — Bootcamp — a lovely chat with a good friend — lunch — a day at home.

leaves on the ground — nearing the end of the week — Patience — email — surviving a double workout day.

lunch with a good friend — flexibility at work — help at home — a friend’s honesty and sharing — my Love coming home.

The Drill — change in the weather — a husband who taxis both kids to soccer — a moment of feeling really, really happy — hot chocolate.

the car — no rain til after the run — views of the ocean — a really hot bath — my boundaries.

easy wake up — no line ups — patience with myself — averting a personal disaster (almost) — texting.

a great swim — blue sky and sunshine — easy lunch-making — upgrades to my phone — honesty and discovery.

getting home last night — another sunny day — my husband returning my overdue movies to the Library — reinforcing my self-worth — reality > denial.

my sense of Self — getting my run done the night before — Friday — the counselor who came with appreciation instead of protocols — the honesty and compassion of people I work with.

The Drill, again! — hot chocolate, even if it’s not all my imagination had hoped for — a bit of a sleep in — a lovely Friday evening — seeing how calm and compassionate the kids *can* be.

my dogged determination to keep going — dairy-free chocolate — the Calm after yoga — a lovely afternoon with my charming little boy — my husband doing laundry all weekend.

getting through another swim workout — easy, quick lunches — coffee and chatting with a very lovely friend — being inside on a really, really rainy day — bloggers and comments!

green lights in traffic — my massage therapist, without the massage — life showing me balance through someone else’s lessons — my Love who translates what the kids really mean to say — an early night.

a day at home — skipping my workout — going to my other workout — the metaphors in my life — not needing so much drama.

the few more minutes of sleep that I *did* get (when I still could have used a few hours) — the weekend is nearing — texting with a friend to help face my fears — realizing (again) that eating bad food is so not worth it — showing up and getting through it.

a bright sky even in the rain — date night with my Love! — a chai latte that pepped me up for the afternoon — my willingness to keep exercising in miserable weather and motivation — a huge sale = treats from my Love.

sunshine, when the weather called for rain — early soccer games — learning what makes me special (being naked not one of them) — starting and finishing my trail race — a lovely cape.

more sunshine — activities: a cold run and mellower yoga — this list – to remind me to be grateful — not having to get groceries this weekend — frothy milk on my coffee.

green lights in traffic — low-key day at work — not feeling stressed at the dr’s office — Freshly Depressed — the end of the day.

going home — warm soup — the dishwasher, the washing machine and the dryer — texts so that I know all is well — being at home.

a mental reprieve — the compassion of others —  being left alone without being made to feel alone — funny things only a small person can say — one more day.

my red umbrella — reaching out beyond my comfort zone — the last day of the week from Hell — being disarmed by a small person who says “I love you Mama” –being open to having things be easier.


18 thoughts on “November: Attitude of Gratitude

    • This keeps me in touch with the little things that make each day better. I could go with food, shelter, job, transportation, family, etc but I find my perspective of gratitude is dulled by the big picture when not much changes that way.
      Of course, should one of those things change my daily thanks would skyrocket. Just saying.

  1. These are really great things to be thankful for, and I love the idea of writing down things each day that you’re thankful for. It reminds us of the small stuff in life that is so easy to take for granted.

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