Fame and Glory and Freshly DePressed

After I was Freshly Pressed I felt there was nowhere else to go but down. Being Freshly Depressed is just as good.

Freshly DePressed

Hi, my name is Tania @ iRuniBreathe. I was Freshly Pressed for Mind the Gap: Who sets the table? It’s been one month and one day since I was famous.

I started blogging six months ago, never having taken a writing course and not really understanding what I was writing about. I scoured the Freshly Press page daily looking for insight, inspiration, and clues about how to get my name on that wall. Then WordPress introduced weekly writing challenges and BLAM! there I was on the Freshly Pressed page.

It’s not easy to rise to unexpected Fame and Glory so suddenly.

I was thrilled with the rise in stats, followers, and joyous company. I was on top of the word. All day I could refresh pages, squeal, and the numbers would go up. There were more comments. I thought I had it made.

Two days later the stats settled down…

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12 thoughts on “Fame and Glory and Freshly DePressed

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  2. Girl, you are a riot! I love your writing voice and style… you will never lose me as a follower. Keep the post coming, m-kay?

    Hopelessly devoted,

      • I’m glad I can be a source of support for you. 🙂

        I completely related to what you wrote. I have so many drafts pending on my PC. They start off as great ideas or meaningful ideas and then I wind up writing myself into a corner. I work full time and I have a long commute so I don’t always have time to devote to my blog, which is why I never really write anything worthy of “Freshly Pressed” recognition. You on the other hand have written some brilliant posts in addition to all of your other full-time responsibilities. I really admire that about you. You are a natural born writer… I hope your blog leads to something amazing. 🙂


      • Oh, GE! You are full of roses today. How sweet of you!!

        It’s a huge time factor for me, as you know… blogging takes up a lot of time. I also work full time, and then there’s kids and running and the rest of life. I wish it was so simple to just sit in front of the screen and spew out what I’m thinking. But strangely, when it’s out it does not seem as natural or coherent as it was in my head. Lots of practice (and editing) will hopefully keep me improving. And lovely folks like you, reading. xx

  3. Another lovely chepatr of your happiness! The dragonfly in particular made me smile. Whenever I see one, it reminds me of summers in Wisconsin on the lake. I loved how they buzzed above the water or landed on the edge of the pier.

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