New blogging – day 2

I’m fresh out of ideas.

I generally write about running topics in my blog because it’s something I know and like doing. But now that my marathon is over and training is tapering a little and things are not so focused, I’m not watching what I eat quite as much… did you know you could gain 5 lbs in a week just by eating cashews? Scary.

So I’m trying to branch out, limber up, spread new shoots. Apart from all the landscaping references, I’d also like to write new stuff. I have plenty of little things I see each day that makes me laugh or seem particular to me and think that these would make a good blog post. Then I sit down, and hash out a few paragraphs and think: where was this going? I need more closing arguments. I’m a good starter, pretty good in the middle laps, and then fade for the finish. (Choose your own metaphors on that one.)

I’ve had some fascinating and stimulating conversations with other bloggers. It’s encouraging me to interact more with the blogging community. It’s a friendly place and I’m holding steady with followers after an increase last week. No one has left after reading what I had to share. Good news!

Good news for a change

But what I really enjoy is interacting with those of you who have something to say, those of you who leave comments.

Readers really do say some kind, witty, and insightful things when they take the time to read your post. You may not relate to all of it, but that’s not the point. The point is for the post to provide some access to discussion. You may opine about the post, or may think of something quite unrelated. Some of the most lively posts I follow have great discussions. Much of it sounds like someone’s rambling thoughts, but it’s all a great read.

There’s also Movember, NaBlogPoMo, and NaNoWritMo going on. I have made a post in support of Movember but am not partaking in the larger, longer, or daily blog writing activities. If I have less to say and I’m only posting every few days, could you imagine what my posts would be like if they were daily? I might start writing about furniture, or post a picture of my shoes each day. Or try to see if I could park my car in same place on my driveway for 30 days. That would take some doing.

Of course I appreciate you all along for the ride. If you write, I’ll write back. But wait… I’m off to go running. So it still is a little bit more of  a running blog.

By the way -regarding the title- there was no day 1. That’s how ideas start… they just do. So I just plunged in and day 2 sounded better. I was already on my way, even thought I still felt a bit crabby about those unfinished posts.

(Photo credit: Templestream)


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