Go Mo!

I have been touched by cancer. Not literally — I don’t mean that cancer has affected my life, I am moved by how cancer affects others. It is not easy, it is not wanted, and it comes with a force.

Example of the English<br /><br />javascript:; MoustacheIt’s Movember and men everywhere now have an excuse to grow a mustache. It shows your support for a very good and manly cause.

Every post I’ve read about Movember reminds people (men) that women go for regular check-ups of their own womanly bits. It’s a preventative measure. I don’t think any woman would actually chose to go if it wasn’t so beneficial. It’s not the most comfortable process, but it’s necessary. And it’s a process, one that will potentially help beat cancer before Cancer comes calling.

Men don’t do this regular screening. It is available to them, but it is not part of their thinking: they don’t need to pull down their pants because they will not get cancer.  But cancer is not selective. It does not knock on the door and ask if you are busy. Having a prostate exam helps cancer know you are busy. You can get help before you know Cancer is really knocking.

So go get the exam, please. Help yourself. It’s only a few minutes of your day and it’s the rest of your life.

And please go over and check out Le Clown’s Bloggers for Movember – Official Kickoff!  There is more great information, more great people, and many more ways to get involved, support, and help the movement. Go Mo! Starting growing!

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* Have you started growing your mustache yet?

* Have you visited Bloggers for Movember for more ways to participate?


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