My iron is steaming!

Unlike previous Titanic films, Cameron's retel...

Big things are happening! I’m delighted to pieces. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good news! For this week’s Word Press writing challenge, I was Freshly Pressed. This is my *second time* being bestowed with this honour and it’s just as appreciated and rewarding the second time around.

I’d again like to thank the Word Press Gods and Goddesses, Powers-that-Be, Random Strangers and mostly, you, the Readers. A thought expressed is also a thought shared and I really enjoy the comments, exchanges, and new followers to my blog.

Lately I’ve felt like branching out to focus on more areas than just principally running. (I’m also too busy and lazy to start another blog). I have already written other posts (non exercised-based) and given that my goal race for this year is done it also may be time to expose myself (and stretch my writing abilities) a bit more. With the new followers I’ve gained from my latest Fresh Pressing, I’d also like to keep these followers and I appreciate that not everyone is a runner, or cares what runners do.

So stick around. I’m going exploring. And don’t worry, I’m still running. Trail running season is just around the corner.

Keep in touch. With gratitude,



8 thoughts on “My iron is steaming!

  1. Tania, Tina, Thyme,
    Congratulations. Again. I’ve come up with cue cards with your name on it to never forget it again: “She Who Is Liked By The WordPress Deities”.
    Le Clown

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