Ghost of transition

The moment I have to leave the house is the worst. I feel like transitions are hard. You are neither here nor there.

Usually I’m in a rush, late by a few minutes to get somewhere. My mind focuses on getting to the next place, but still part of me is at home, inside, wishing I could squeeze out a few more minutes.

I no longer count time as before- and after-Marathon. It’s done, it’s accomplished, but this is now a time of transition. There is no longer a defined goal and I’m trying to create some space to take care of my body in a gentler way. I went to physio for a treatment and it felt great. Nothing like getting back to alignment to know how unbalanced things were.

I have been out running a few times since the race. A couple slow and easy runs just to get my legs moving again. Then I came down with a nasty cough/cold and had to take a few days off. I had a really strong and hard workout last week where we ran hill sprints, and then halfway up the hill turned and finished running backwards. A strange spatial challenge with a totally different set of muscles and more balanced involved.


(Photo credit: Norm Clark)

I also ran on the weekend. It was a cool and crisp morning but full of sunshine. The weather had called for rain and even thunderstorms so I thought this was going to be my first rainy day run in over 4 months. Turns out I was wrong and we were blessed with good weather, again. (And thanks to my one running buddy for making it out with me!)

We had run about 15 km when my leg started aching and my knee would not run any longer. At that point I can’t even run slowly because the movement is just too painful. I’m not really sure what’s causing the pain so it’s hard to know what to do.

So with an aching leg/hip/knee I went to my first yoga class! It was nice to do something that was more internal. It seems to be more about body awareness and how your structure moves in your body, than just getting into a pose and holding that as a stretch. I liked it, and am hoping this is my transition into some insights about my aching knee. I left feeling strangely calm and grounded, as though I had finally had a break from the inner chaos that I churn within me. It was nice to have a period of time where I could appreciate some calm and be a part of it. Usually I’m panicked that I’m not relaxing, and if I try to relax I tend to think about what I should be doing.

Yoga Class at a Gym

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m hoping my body is just telling me to go slowly and be gentle, because right now I don’t know what else to do. I can go somewhat slower (I only ran 6km today and had to cut it short for fear of limping home), and I’m not running as many days per week. Maybe this is how I will be taking a rest, because it is forced on me and because my body will do no more than it can.

* Do you take a break from your scheduled exercise?

* Do you have an unexplained injury?

* How do you know when to do less so that you avoid overdoing it?


2 thoughts on “Ghost of transition

  1. I’ve just taken four days in a row of no running after the race. I tried to run yesterday but couldn’t even run a block. Today I knew I needed another day. Maybe I’ll run tomorrow; maybe I won’t. There’s no hurry. Recovery is good. It’s been nice to do only yoga and walk the dogs. I’ve enjoyed having the extra time to read and go more within myself. Transitions can be good.

    • You are so right: transitions can be good. I guess I just put too much emphasis on the past and think I should be able to just keep going.
      Our group is mostly back running again (just hill workouts and fun stuff like that) but everyone agrees that there is a collective loss of motivation. Sounds like everyone needs a break and it’s time to take it.

      I’m liking my yoga class so far. Definitely will make this part of my new routine.

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