Going on a yoga strike

Surviving in this world (and making it to work on time) is challenging. I find being a mom on top of this overwhelming.

how to be invisible

Can you see me? I’m not here. (Photo credit: Grevel)

There was an article in the news recently about a mom who went on an anti-housework strike. She’d had enough of cleaning up after her three girls who could do the things she was doing, so she just stopped doing it. I had hoped to do a modified version of this, but my husband picked up the slack. He did it all, and it all got done. Kids fed, homework done, showers were had, pajamas on, teeth brushed, and off to bed. Happy little campers, with a stewing little mama left alone.

It all needed to be done, but I was not sure how to show my kids the lesson without screaming and yelling and revolting.

Some days I don’t know how to manage it. I get moody, or overwhelmed and easily stressed. I like to run, but even sometimes getting in a run is a stress as well. I always feel better after, and everyone in my house knows it. It’s not a point of discussion.

Still, I need something outside of my usual self to feel better. I know that I need to resolve and access some basic inner peace. It’s like I’m looking for a how-to manual to get myself back on track. I don’t know how to create pause in my life, and sustain it.

Some days are better than others, of course. Some days I have a lot of patience and can get through it. Those are days I have had a lot of sleep, and probably didn’t go to work.

The obvious choice to deal with stress and busy-ness is meditation. I don’t think I could handle meditation right now. My excuse is there is no time. The next bright idea is more like moving meditation: yoga. My husband has done yoga for a few years now and really enjoys it. I go on and off, though the last few years its been mostly off because of my schedule. I (and the family) just can’t handle one more thing. But now he’s suggested I go as well.

After some thought, and planning, I signed up. I am really looking forward to it and think I will really enjoy it; the teacher is fantastic. It will be more for him to do as it will be a weekend class that I’ll go to after my Sunday run. I’ll be leaving the house around 7:30 and coming back after 3pm. That’s many hours to handle a household on a day “off.”

Petra's Yoga Poses around the world

There’s no way yoga  is going to make me look like this, or do this, but I’m sure it will be beneficial. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But, as he pointed out, I need this. And if I can get more of me settled, it will benefit us all. So I’m going. Happily. It will be my rebellion: a yoga strike; I will go do yoga and be away from the household. The kids won’t even notice. They will know I’m away, but they won’t see how much I don’t do. But perhaps I will be calmer and more collected when I come home and we can work through what needs doing together.

The change in season is tiring for me. All this gray weather and skies and water and beaches is draining. I need to build a fire from within.

*Do you do yoga? Has it helped create some inner calm?

*Do you have a hard time with the change of season?

*What do you do to relax in your day?


15 thoughts on “Going on a yoga strike

  1. Regardless of much more may need to be done in the evening, I shut it down at 8pm and spend the hour between 8 and 9 watching TV with the kids. I make no apologies that after 8pm, I’m done; I no longer want to talk or answer questions or clean or fold laundry. Occasionally I have to work in the evenings, but I start again after 9 once I have had my hour of brain-rotting TV.

  2. I do yoga on sundays as a way to regroup from a week of running and working out…it helps me reframe, but it is not always a calm activity (handstands and other strenuous poses I guess are an active meditation and in a true yoga sense, asana is meant to limber you up for long periods of seated meditation which is just another limb of yoga).

    I need more daylight, no doubt, and the impending inclement weather of winter stresses me because outdoors is my only access to the intense physical activity I crave (hate the gym/don’t belong to one).

    Being relaxed/calm is really a state of mind; to be in a place of not being attached to outcomes and riding the waves of outward stresses instead of letting them push us around, that whatever is happening around us doesn’t disturb the peace that lies within. Knowing, too, that we can handle anything. If that’s too esoteric, a long tub soak with a glass of red wine is my go to.

    • I think sometimes we need to train ourselves to relax, and -sadly- also need to schedule relaxation time. I’m hoping the yoga will help me access that non-attachment to ride those waves a little easier and be in the moment a little more.
      I think if I can get some calm in one part of my life, it could spread to others.

  3. I do yoga at home, at least four or five times a week. Not only does it keep my core strong and my legs loose for running, it keeps me grounded and focused. Yoga is probably my favorite exercise of all. Don’t force anything when you start, and don’t compare your flexibility to anyone else’s. It will come of it’s own accord with time. Good for you for taking time for yourself. The whole family will benefit from it.

    My difficult “change of seasons” would be from spring to summer down here in Texas. Those long, hot, humid summers are hard on me. The change from summer to fall is the best! It means a break from the heat and perfect running weather ahead.

    • Thanks Angela, I’ve been inspired reading about all the yoga you do to supplement your running (and your life). I’m actually naturally pretty flexible, so that’s not so much an issue for me. I need more body awareness (ChiRuning, anyone?) and some s-p-a-c-e to shut my mind down.

      Most of all, I need some mind flexibility.

      Change in seasons can be hard. It’s like it happens overnight and can take weeks to adjust.

  4. iRuniBreathe,
    My son enjoyed yoga while at skateboard camp this Summer – they would warm up with 30 minutes of yoga. I tried, and even though I could try harder, it is and will not be for me. I will have a better chance relaxing in a squash court running like a madman after a black bouncy ball, or night time trash tv.
    Le Clown

    • Le Clown,
      What an awesome combination: yoga and skateboarding. Your son must have a very great daddy. I think yoga is great for kids — helps to calm the mind. I think as an adult I crave action more, but because I run so much am finding I need the balance. Yoga is certainly not for everyone.
      I also find night time trash tv to be beneficial, but only in stupifying me more than I already am. Something to be said for a good mind waste though!
      PS am flattered that you came by for a visit.

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