Friday night lights

Usually, my Friday routine involves a run. I stagger home from work, pep myself up and go for an hour – 1.5 hour hard run. The weather has been gloriously good so far; I’ve never run in the rain and til now, I’ve managed to avoid running in the dark.

This week we are in taper mode, and I am on a crash-course in injury rehab. My knee hurts enough that it’s cause for concern. I don’t think I have a knee “injury” but that this is where the pain differs from my IT band/hamstring/glutes. It’s fair to say my body needs to rest.

Last week, I went home on Friday night. I did not run. I am forcibly making myself rest. I would be running on a “healing” body (I had a marathon – no pun intended – physio session on Thursday. My physio suggested a good 48 hours to let the treatment take effect and my body to adjust). Running on schedule could derail my whole recovery and send it backwards.
But I am a creature of habit: once I have ingrained something into my schedule, it’s hard to let go of. My body wants to run, even if it also craves the rest.

English: A photograph I took.

Maybe I can multi-task and rest en route as I run. Maybe not. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I ran on Saturday and Sunday. Both days it was painful for my knee. I managed about 10 min on Saturday before I had to walk. This was discouraging. I taped my knee on Sunday and was greatly encouraged. I managed almost 25 minutes, walked some and then ran another 30 minutes. It hurt a little less, so I’m calling this progress.

trophy 1 | the both and | shorts and longs | j...

Congrats, knee! We’ve seen improvement. (Photo credit: Shorts and Longs | The Both And)

I saw my chiropractor on Monday and had another painful productive session. He treated a different area around my knee this time, and it all made more sense. I think we are starting to treat what needs treatment to help ensure recovery. I go back again on Wednesday before a ‘test’ run later that day.

I am already looking ahead to race day: fingers crossed, positive thinking, and trusting my knee *will* hold for me. I’m focused on each day; another day for my knee to heal and another day closer to my goal.

* Have you ever had an injury close to race day? What’s the worst part of tapering? What do you love about race day?


5 thoughts on “Friday night lights

  1. My last two attempts at marathon training were both derailed shortly before the race, the first for tendonitis and piriformis syndrome, the second for a trip to the ER for duodenal diverticulitis and a three week recovery. Sadly, I may be looking at having to sit out the 50K I’ve spent 17 weeks training for. The two weeks of coughing have cracked some ribs and curtailed all running for another full week. I don’t know if I can run 50K after not running for two complete weeks. Tapering is one thing, but not running at all scares me. But I’m glad your knee feels better! Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!

    • Oh Angela. Those marathon derailments sound frustrating and scary. Three weeks of recovery is no small amount of time. I know there will always be more races, but for me this is pretty special/symbolic and probably not another time where there will be a gang of 6-8 of us all running together to start.
      My fingers are very crossed for you. Cracked ribs hurt! Do take care of yourself… but I want you running and out on those trails as well. Let’s hope for a speedy recovery.
      My knee is feeling better. Of course, that’s what I said last time and a short run completely derailed me. But things do feel stronger, and more settled, so I’m hopeful … and anticipating!

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