Viral fame: a can or a noodle?

I’ve had my 15 min of fame. Last week (is it so long ago already? *le sigh*), I was Freshly Pressed. Yes, yes, read all about it here and here. I loved it. It was fun. That was then.

Moving on. This is my sideways glance at fame, only because it is funny and piggy-backing on someone else’s 15 min of fame. And given that this fame is of a comical nature, maybe simply admitting that I know this person is enough of a dubious an association. Let’s just ignore the fact that he’s actually my brother-in-law.

To set the stage: My brother-in-law is an anchorman for our local TV station (CTV News in Canada). He reads the nightly news, reports on stories, helps MC charity events and generally does news-y stuff. It’s pretty cool for my kids to have an uncle on TV. He is intelligent, well-spoken, out-going, charismatic, and handsome. Of course, he would be that last thing given he’s my husband’s younger brother. He’s also hip and “with-it,” yet apparently not quite sure of the meaning of certain jargon.

Let’s just watch the evidence. The first 35 sec is enough.

Here comes canoodle-gate! Click on image to play.

Astrid, the lovely weather girl, was right. He made the blooper reel.  They made it on the Today Show, The Huffington Post and Australia’s Channel 7: The Morning Show, among others. They were played on Toronto’s biggest radio station (Classic rock Q107). Most of our national and provincial newspapers had a story on his story.

And the notoriety went on when CNN’s Anderson Cooper decided to give him some real/reel time on his RidicuList. More evidence below:

Click on the image to play video.

So that’s pretty famous now, right?  Apparently if you Google the word, he made the top of the list as well.

The funniest part is that the producer was yelling into his ear as he started down that slippery path of conversation proposition. Here is the following up story, with a few of the behind-the-scenes details.

Click on the image above to play the video.

I say enjoy the fame, however it comes. Who knew a bit of canoodling could be so good for your career?

*Btw, I knew what canoodle meant, but my husband did not. Did you know what it means?


19 thoughts on “Viral fame: a can or a noodle?

  1. Personally, I’ve been a long-time fan of canoodling. Given how many people engage in canoodling, however, it troubles me how few people understand what the word means. It’s yet another instance in which I am forced to face the sad fact that increasing one’s vocabulary is not a great concern for most people. Whatever his intent, your brother-in-law’s gaffe increased the vocabulary of quite a few folks this week. Good for him…and for everyone else. And, Astrid is the best. 😉

    • I was struck my the fact that the 80 year olds knew what the world mean, but my early 30s brother in law did not. Is the word really old? But then again, given how many people are canoodlers, you’d think the jargon would be part and parcel of the act, no?
      Now a lot more people know what the word means. Astrid is also enjoying her slice of fame — a good reaction on live TV. I thought she did great.

  2. Oh that’s truly fantastic. More fantastic is the vengance you can take. He’s *such* a media hog, *always* has to be the centre of attention. I mean really… was he so damned jealous of you being named to Freshly Pressed that he had to make such a ridiculous gaffe and capture the attention of the media worldwide? Has he no shame? The spotlight shines on him each and every day…

    That’s truly funny stuff. I can imagine his future interviews… “oh, I remember you. You’re the canoodle guy…”

    And yes. Yes I did absolutely know what it meant. I think I laughed so hard I had tears running down my legs….

    • Yes, this fame/shame may come in handy at future family gatherings. I am well-armed now.

      Interestingly, you are one of the few males that actually knew what this meant (prior to being told). If I took a poll I’d say about 85% of females knew, whereas only 15% of males understood the term.

      I still laugh every time I watch the clip.

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