O bla di bla da: Freshly Pressed!

Four men sitting on a champagne bottle, hoveri...

Lo! There yonder! I think we have thanks to give. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have heart-felt thanks to give to the WordPress war lords, thunder gods, spin-the-bottle-playerseditors! for the luck they have bestowed upon me and selected my last post (“I hid from Twitter to save my reality“) for Freshly Pressed.

I love all the traffic to my site and meeting new bloggers.

I am thrilled that my post on the influence of social media on the Olympics is being read by others. Ironically, this is not the post that I felt completely satisfied with when I hit “publish.” There was nothing I would change about it, but for me it was a challenging post to write. It was not my usual topic or area but obviously it did the trick.

As I scrambled to finish editing it (I was on vacation) I also thought it would be ironic if somehow this post, of all that I have written, would make it to Freshly Pressed.

That’s me! (Bottom right hand corner)

I am really, really grateful that in my own small way I made the front page. I did let out a big yelp and other strange sounds when I looked at Freshly Pressed and saw my post there. My kids looked at me as though I had stuck two licorice sticks up my nose and started to speak backwards. They wondered what I had had that was so fresh.

So I say thanks again, and welcome to all of you who have chosen to follow along. (And for those of you who have stayed following know that everyday I am thankful for you). I hope we can chat more in the future and share more ideas.

And on that note, I should probably get back to some posts about running and other such things. The Olympics are over, and life goes on, on!


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