Trouble at the henhouse

Weather is the highlight of summer.

It was the weather that also stole the show at a local, one-day music fest. It was not an infinitely blue sky, or lazy, radiant sunshine that surprised us. This was not a day you could imagine stretching out forever: this day felt as thought it might crash right into you.

But it didn’t start out so dramatic.

The weather began to spark up after the second band. Three songs into the next band’s set, everything got shut down. Band members and equipment was removed from the stage, the speakers were lowered, screens were taken down and everything electrical was unplugged. Lightning, thunder, and clouds decorated the sky so spectacularly it was deemed unsafe for the musicians to continue. The sky, full of electricity, continued to move, swirl, and spark as everyone watched. Thunderstorms are *very* unusual for this area, so the reactions of ooohs and aaahhhhs reminded me of watching fireworks.

Double rainbow!

This lasted 1.5 hours with a bit of rain, some strong winds and a lot of lightning as the storm passed by, finishing up with a faint double rainbow. As it moved off into the distance, the lightning continued, but it was deemed safe for the music to continue.

The final band did get on to play, where the music and the night sky kept everyone happy.

It’s not photoshopped! It really looked like this. (Photo courtesy Dan Lockhart)


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