If we could see…

If we could see ourselves as others see us,

what might we be capable of?


8 thoughts on “If we could see…

  1. I think we would conquer the world…we would inspire ouselves the way we inspire others (especially the ones who see us running in the dark at 5am. They don’t think we are crazy, they think we are AWESOME)…we would be charmed as others are because they feel our energy (they aren’t just checking out the runner’s legs)…we would KNOW at the end of the day that we are enough for ourselves, especially the more we give…

  2. Hmmm. Sometimes I’m glad I DON’T know the way others may see me, especially when I know I’ve behaved poorly. Silence can be golden. However, knowing someone sees us as better than we think we are is a godsend. Great things happen when you know someone looks up to you. It’s inspiring.

    • I agree: when someone lets you know you do have untapped potential is a pretty big gift. I think if we are behaving poorly we also know it.
      Silence is helpful in that regard too.

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