Hip to be

Where were we?

Oh yes, running. Still running.

After a busy Wednesday (master’s swim class and run clinic) I realized my Thursday swim workout was suddenly already done. Good thing, as a schedule change took away my option of a Friday run. There is just not enough time to run in the morning before work and I was busy all Friday -day and night. So, Friday’s workout was done on Thursday and I got a short workout week. This means I got Friday *and* Saturday off. With a bit of an injury going on, I think a little extra rest might be useful.

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.

I ran on Thursday after Wednesday’s hill workout. I don’t usually like to put together two hard workouts back-to-back. Although this was technically an ‘easy’ run, I have also made it a hillier route and am trying to get my heart rate comfortably lower while running at a faster pace. I was less sore than I thought I would be, but I could still certainly feel the pull of my hamstrings as I ran. On my way back realized that if I run the same route in reverse, the hills are even steeper. Much better. I’ll have to try this next week.  I seemed to have only one speed that run — if I slowed down it seemed too painful to run and I didn’t have anything left in me to go faster. Still, it was a faster slow pace than I was running only a few months ago, so again this shows improvement.

On Saturday I was back at the chiropractor, after the flare up of my abductor muscles. The treatment was painful again, as it was more deep tissue release, but more movement as a result. It seems like my joints are moving well and there is no restriction there, it’s the muscles that are not firing properly and leading to the pain and imbalance. I was less ‘worked-over’ after this treatment and spent time stretching and on the foam roller again. By Saturday night it seemed to be manageable.

O’er the hills and far away! I know this is a teeny graph, but you get the idea.

Sunday’s long run was our first longer run. This is where we start running over 1/2 marathon distances and build from there. After two days off it felt like my legs needed to get out. I was tired  (not enough sleep from staying up to watch a movie) but managed to perk up once we hit the road. Today’s run was a 23 km, and very hilly. Nutrition and hydration went pretty well: I’m okay with certain gels (I prefer Clif raspberry or vanilla) but get a bit of a sore gut when I have to chew to swallow. I’m trying Sharkies and Gu Chomps as my alternatives. The verdict is still out if this will work for race day, but I have lots of time for practice.

English: Country road near Six Hills in Leices...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our group again kept up a strong pace (we were missing a few regulars due to holidays, races and injury) but a core seven of us managed to stick together up and over the hills. I could feel my IT bands and hip flexors and calves on those hills. We kept up an average 5:15/km pace, which is close to a 1:50 half marathon finish. Not bad for an easy Sunday leisure run, especially on this route. It was nice to be running on some country roads, where we saw horses, cattle, chickens and a few wild rabbits along the way. It was great to be out with the group for this kind of run, I can’t thank everyone enough for being out and motivating me through action.

A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.

I made an effort to stretch when I got home. It had rained for most of the run so when I got home I actually felt a bit chilled and stiff. I gave my hips extra attention and they felt stretched out, but tender. My glutes also felt a bit sore, but that may be due to “blogger’s butt” where I sit in front of the computer for too long. Perhaps this is not at all running related.

*What was your motivation to get out this week?


10 thoughts on “Hip to be

  1. I got out this week to walk to the store and get more wine! 🙂 But also, I was enjoying the cooler air that has come in with my dog. We did some minor jogging. I also went swimming at some point earlier in the week, and am trying to do more of that. And I have been trying to go into the woods more to relax my mind. Bloggers butt- love it! 🙂

    • It’s great to get out and just move around, sometimes.

      I like swimming because it can feel so devoid of external stimulus.

      In the fall there will be more trail running, so it will be exercise and being in the woods. I like that part.

      Does your dog get to enjoy the wine too?

      • Haha naw, I have to do separate walks with him and for wine-retrieval, since he can’t come into the store. I like being in the woods too, swimming in rivers in the woods is definitely my ideal exercise. The pool is nice as well though 🙂

  2. I like your altitude! Running is not easy..at least to me!!! and it really need time to practice to be better. Like me, if I have not been running for long, i can only run for 15 mins!!!!! arh!!!! but then after a week of continue running, I can run for an hour:)….well, no pain, no gain and I believe if you work hard, you will finally get result.

    You remind me to really get starting…cus I have been busy and use that excuse to stop doing exercise, it’s not healthy!!! and I hope you will like my favorite quote-if time is unlimited, everything is possible;)

    Cheers and have a great week:)

    • I think it’s all about consistency, and I find if I stop it’s just that much harder to get started. Good for you for getting out there; from 15 min to an hour is a huge jump in a week. Wow.

      If only time were unlimited…

  3. Wow, those are some serious hills! They are going to make you so strong. My motivation this week was to finish strong before two easy weeks, vacation, and my daughter’s wedding. My over arching ultimate motivation is fear of failure if I don’t prepare well enough for the 50K!

    • I’m glad you think those are hills. They certainly felt like it. Our coach is big on hills and making us strong. Come race day I hope it feels like a flatter course.

      Good idea to finish this week strong. It’s great that you get to look forward to some vacation and down time. This is also part of training. Your body will come back even stronger, and your mind will be happy!

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