Everyday soup


(Photo credit: TimOve)

Life is like an episode of Seinfeld. Seinfeld was a show about nothing.

Actually, the show was about life and its little bits. It seems like life really is the little things. We have milestones in our lives, and from a young age we are made aware of milestones, but really, our lives are every day. They are not just one big happening a year.

When you see someone you haven’t seen in a long time and they ask what’s new, you often reply with the big deal events. You talk about sickness, a new job, a new relationship, an old relationship, having kids, moving house, etc. When you see a friend that is more involved in your life as it happens, you talk about what you ate for dinner the night before, or what the kids wouldn’t eat in the dinner you made the night before. If you change the color of your nail polish, if you wear that sort of thing, then THIS becomes the big deal.

I took my kids to eat out the other day. We went to an Asian fusion restaurant that makes volumes of food, fast. It was crazy-busy, loud, hot, and chaotic. We managed to find a table and waited for our food. We sat in the noisy restaurant and we talked about things that were different than what my kids were used to. We talked about what my kids (had grown to) accept as the norm and how that wasn’t everyone’s normal. My kids didn’t like when someone used a stool from our table to seat a larger table, but then didn’t ‘borrow’ it back when they left. They noticed that some people’s dishes of food looked bigger than others. They commented on how the girls at the table beside us didn’t clean up their dishes, water glasses, or napkins. It wasn’t that my children are such strict rule followers or that they have impecable manners; it’s more that this is what life is. They were observing what was different from the things around them, or different from their expectations of how things would be.

Wasn’t the premise of Seinfeld mostly complaining about (and observing) things that were not as they were expected to be? The “Soup Nazi” episode has a set of rules for how soup was ordered but if this method was questioned or challenged, then the privilege of soup was denied and it was “No soup for you!” Our lives are made up of little things and how they change. It’s what those changes are that interest us, more than the milestones.

We all relate to the everyday, because we are all living in the every day. Are there more things that make us the same, than different?


3 thoughts on “Everyday soup

  1. But it’s all those little “nothings” that make life “something.” Interesting how your kids picked up on the ways adults break the rules, change them, ignore them, and flaunt them. I think we’re all the same in that we all do things our own way most of the time. I guess life would be pretty boring if we didn’t.

    • We certainly don’t all want to be the same. I think we all do the same things, we just do them with our own variations and that’s what makes it interesting. We decide how we make our lives unique.

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