Abductors, chiropractor and hills. Oh my!

I am so thankful for the sunny weather. Getting up at 5am or being out running at 5pm sure makes a difference when there is still daylight and it’s not dark and cold. My body is much happier with Vitamin D.

Another week of hills behind me now….


(Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Monday’s swim was good. I picked a good lane, had no interruptions and could comfortably do my workout focussing on myself and not possible flotsam to collide with. I noticed there was a small group of swimmers starting a new session of a masters swim class so I talked to the instructor about the workouts.  She said you have to be able to swim a minimum of 100-200m, although the workout is generally 1800-2000m. However, it’s an hour workout, so definitely do-able. I thought maybe I could give this a try at the next session later in the week.

It’s a matter of just doing two workouts now on Mondays. It’s just part of the schedule and this is how it rolls. Lately I’ve been surprised if I have a morning or afternoon where I don’t have some kind of exercise scheduled as it’s becoming more common than not. I enjoy a lazy morning, but generally there are still lunches to be made and I need to get ready for work. A lazy morning generally means sleeping an extra half hour and then getting up and doing everything anyhow.

My hamstrings/IT (iliotibial) bands/abductors were feeling a bit stiff on Sunday’s run and then on Monday I could feel them again. It’s a tightness in my IT bands that hurts when I run and it feels like my legs are not quite extending in a full range of motion. They feel weak and I feel like I’m losing power. I’m not sure what causes this: I know it’s not a specific strength imbalance. I think perhaps running stairs at bootcamp causes them to tire more, given the constantly changing range of motion they are going through. (The stairs are not uniform in size, and we can run them single, double, triple and then 2 footed hops on each step). I remember last year we did a very intense stair workout and my IT bands flared up a lot from this.

I’ve been on the foam roller a lot and this has helped, but I still needed treatment. I called my physiotherapist, but she is on holidays. So I went to go see a chiropractor and he did some ART (active release technique) around my hip, focusing on my abductor muscles. He said the muscles around this joint are not firing completely and this is causing the imbalance and weakness. (For those of you who like jargon or have something similar, it is the muscles of my gluteus medius and tensor fascia latae (TFL) that are compromised.) Even after one treatment I could feel like things were ‘sitting’ better — my hip felt more solid. I was completely wiped and exhausted after the treatment. It’s like my body went into a bit of shock and it took all my energy and focussed on healing. I slept almost 9 hours that night!

English: Anterior Hip Muscles

In case you wanted a visual: anterior hip muscles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My abductors were still stiff the next day and it felt sore to sit down for too long. Even though I felt crappy I decided to go and check out the masters swim class. It was a blast! I had so much fun learning something new that I’d had no expectations of. The coach gave me some tips on minor stroke corrections and suddenly I could swim that much faster and farther. I like how instant gratification is like pure motivation and reward all in one. I think I’ll start doing this class more, if I can make it work with my work schedule. I realized I really like sports that are individual, but you can do in a group. It’s like everyone is working on the same goals and results but no one is relaying on each other for that outcome.

Later Wednesday was clinic night, and more hills. I was feeling wiped and overdone, but of course I still went. It was hot out, so my main objective was not to cause myself more pain in my legs, and just to finish the workout. I did both, with some walking, a water break and realizing that this was just not my night. I couldn’t keep up to the girl I’ve been chasing all this time. She claimed it was her night and she felt great. (She also said she had on her lucky underwear.)

So, unexpectedly, it turned into another week of 2 workouts on 2 days. This may be more of the norm if I keep adding workouts to my plan, but it may also work to give me another day off. If only there were more hours in a day. Overall, I’m happy with my progress and right now am just focussing on getting this pain healed up and getting things back to normal again.

*How is your normal going?


4 thoughts on “Abductors, chiropractor and hills. Oh my!

  1. You’re smart to address the abductor issue before it gets out of hand. Sounds like you’ve got a great workout routine going! It IS nice to be involved in an “individual” sport you can share with others in a group, all working together but separately at the same time.

    • I like my workout routine, I don’t like the hinderance of an injury. Thankfully, this is relatively minor and I just need some adjustments before it gets to be a real problem.
      Being in a group feels so supportive, yet you are still responsible for your workout and your results. All the pressure you feel is only what you create.

  2. I like your question:
    How is my normal going?
    For me, it’s one of those instances where the question is more interesting than the answer.
    Perhaps the question is the answer.
    Not least because my answer continually changes.
    However, I can acknowledge that my normal normal is fear.
    And I accept that.
    It’s neither good nor bad
    But it does have consequences …

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