Oh Fortune

It’s double double week! Here in Canada a double-double refers to a Tim Hortons coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars. I don’t drink coffee, can’t have milk and who want this much sugar? Instead I did my own version of 2 workouts per day on 2 non-consecutive (did you think I was crazy?) days.

A bit how I felt early in the morning. Not *too* shabby.

Monday was swim/run day. I got up early (it was the Canada Day holiday for us) because I wanted to be home before my kids got up. I figured they’d be up around 7am, so was up before 6am and in the pool by 6:20. My first few laps were complete floundering as I realized my legs were actually pretty sore (from Sunday’s monster hill/mountain summit long run) and they didn’t want to kick. I got over this and even managed to have a faster second half of my swim. I really think that swimming does wonders for your cardio. It always looks so easy to swim, but it leaves you breathing hard when you are working at it. This must help with running hills; I certainly don’t feel as wimpy or winded anymore tackling an incline. I got home as planned and the kids slept in; they weren’t up until after 8:30!

Later I took the kids along on their bikes and went for a run. I was feeling pretty wiped  — I even had a 20 min nap somewhere in the day, and my body was feeling cold and a bit shaky. I ran at a slower pace (my younger kid is not quite comfortable riding on roads and liberally makes use of the full-lane)  so there was a lot of back and forth and waiting. I still managed to get in over 35 min, and this felt good. Like last week, the first half of the run was a painful getting going and the second half  felt like a good recovery.

This week I decided to go to the gym on Tuesday morning as I usually do. I didn’t the week I did my first Wednesday double of bootcamp and run clinic. But I opted to keep the strength training in the mix and just go light. I did high reps but no increase in weight. This turned out to be okay, given what we did in bootcamp. I usually do mostly upper body weights for my strength training, so felt strong enough to do everything we were given in bootcamp. It was mostly the fatigue factor that I was concerned about, and I’ll just monitor how I recover this week through my other workouts.

Wednesday’s a.m. workout was bootcamp. This involved lots of stairs, sprints and running. You’d think I’d be used to this by now, but I was still tired. I consoled myself by saying I was working hard. I was really glad for the intervals of burpees, push ups, mountain climbers and jump squats between stair intervals to rest my legs. As I was huffing along not sure if I was physically capable of continuing, I could suddenly feel my endurance kick in and blasted out a little bit more. (“Blasted” being a relative term at this point). It always takes me a while to get going, but endurance certainly seems to work in my favor. If I just keep going, eventually I will just keep going. On top of being a really good workout, I know this helps my fitness and running. I was so glad to be at bootcamp. I just know that in a few hours, and then next few days, my legs will be screaming at me. (Shut up legs! I’m not listening.)

The evening workout was run clinic — more hills! We did a route that had a longer, sloping uphill, and then a steeper descent. Then we’d turn around and repeat this in return; a steep ascent and a long descent. I definitely preferred the steeper side; perhaps because it was shorter, but the endurance/lactic acid for a long, slower run up a hill was challenging. I managed to keep up and even be a step or two ahead of the girl I’ve always been trying to catch. Given how many stairs and interval sprints we did in the morning, I was shocked at how well my legs held up. I actually didn’t feel that huge overwhelming struggle of fatigue, which means my fitness is getting there. Apparently, it takes 2 weeks from the time of your workout to feel the results of that effort, so I was thanking the bootcamp 2 weeks ago for this. I also was really glad to have someone to run with and push me, going up that hill the 2nd time I was ready to walk. It was a mental grind for about 5 min, but having someone breathing down my neck sure kept me motivated, and accountable.

Between early mornings and babysitters, I’m actually managing to get my workouts done with my husband being away. I think it’s helping me keep my sanity, thus far…

*Happy belated Canada Day/4th of July! How do you keep your sanity?


8 thoughts on “Oh Fortune

  1. The part of this post that I feel most drawn to is Tim Horton’s…. but only because I’m addicted to their breakfast sandwiches. I don’t really do coffee either.

    I also don’t go to a gym or weight lift, but throughout my day I do chin-ups on the door frames at home. I love it, and I’m totally (slowly) noticing a difference. It sounds like you’re killing it exercise-wise!

  2. Wow, you’re really killing it with the workouts! I’m so impressed with your swimming. I am a terrible swimmer, but maybe one day I’ll take lessons and try to change that. Have to agree with you about the weight training. It makes a huge difference in running hills, and general endurance. Keep up the good work!

    • Don’t get me wrong: I’m not a swimmer either. But it’s getting better by doing and I can link together enough laps to get in a good workout. I really enjoy the change from running too. Being non-weight bearing is surreal. (Ha!)

      I’ve been doing strength workouts for a while. With the running, I just find my body is happier with balance.

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