Ready to start

I worry about going to sleep in case I miss something. I know that sounds ridiculous, but sometimes I worry I won’t get my ideas onto the page fast enough and will start to choke and suffer with my own words. When it does come out, perhaps not beautifully, I am encouraged by being able to get some sense of an idea beyond my Self. I learn through the process of starting that I can improve. I cannot be surprised at stagnation if I deny a possibility without exploring. I take action knowing that things will change as I write.

I am motivated to be a part of that change, even if it is hard, or slow to appear. I can create what I want to see.


2 thoughts on “Ready to start

  1. does your cat not show you that it’s better to get it out than to choke on your own vomit? 😉
    And perhaps your cat wakes you at 3am because it, too, is worried about missing something!
    Great teachers, our pets. If we want to learn that is. 😉

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