One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer, er, Mile

English: Motivational Saying

Running is a solitary thing you can do in a group. Solo runs can be magical, or disasterous, as can group runs; at least in a group there is more company to commiserate the feeling. When you run in a group there is a shared dynamic created. Even in a race of 10,000 people, everyone is collectively striving for a finish line and a bagel at the end.

There are many different kinds of runs, and races. There are many different factors that motivate us to go and do these things. Often runners are Type A personalities: recording times, measuring distances, calculating splits and intervals, monitoring food intake (too much or too little), and always needing to run one more day. Sometimes, when the distance being raced is short enough, caution is thrown to the wind in terms of training or body type or expectation and we go to just have fun.

Such was a day recently….

I’m not sure what year this event started, but it’s been a few and it’s going annually.  Costumes, ability to circumnavigate 400 m on a less than perfect track (one part almost seems like it goes uphill), and an ability to conquer the required ‘water stations’ are a must.

This is the infamous Beer Mile.

There are few rules (a costume helps you fit in with the crowd) and, as per usual, the first one across the finish line is the winner.

As described by the unofficial start referee, the rules are:

1. “Chug, run, chug, run and repeat” until you finish 4 laps to equal 1 mile. This means you must drink a full beer prior to running a lap, and then repeat this process 3 more times.

2. Beer is of your choosing, and it was BYOB. (Apparently warm beer is easier to chug stomach than cold, but then you have to taste warm beer).

3. If quality difficulties at the water beer station cause distress, be warned: any refluxed beer is a 1 lap penalty.

4. All liquid must be consumed prior to the start of the next lap. There were threats of penalties and mockery should a beverage not be completely emptied, but I’m not sure who was enforcing this. Also, by the third lap everyone was just hoping no runner would incur any penalties enforced from rule #3.



Chicken legs

Gathering at the start

Starting countdown…

Tortoise and the Hare?

Robots need love too.

Wardrobe malfunction

Water station

Laps were getting slower…

Last lap! It’s Banana vs SuperHero

The weather was dismal (all photos taken in pouring rain), the mood was jovial, and a good time was had by all. I’m just not sure how great everyone felt after.

Result-wise, the Banana took the title.

Sprint to the finish!

And at the end of it, Charlie was still standing.


5 thoughts on “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer, er, Mile

  1. We have one of these in our town, too. They are great fun to watch, not so much fun to run. We also have the Krispy Kreme run, where you run a mile, eat a dozen donuts, and run another mile to the finish. Seeing the tricks people use to stomach a dozen donuts is hilarious–and pretty gross. I think I’ll stick to water and Gu.

    • The beer mile was a spectacle. I couldn’t believe how fast some people (guys) could actually drink the beer, but then running was not as spectacular.

      The idea of a Krispy Kreme run just made my stomach churn a little. Really? 12 donuts??

  2. Next year we’ll have to drag our arses around that track. And while I’m not as speedy as the banana, nor do I have his legs but I’m sure we would be able to hold our own (and hopefully our beer)!!!

  3. I remember hearing a person talk about one of these races in Boston. I’m not sure I could handle it, but I think I’d like to try it at least once. If anything, it’ll be entertaining. Great pics!

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