Without a map

I worry about things, sometimes too much. As a parent I’m trying to see half-full glasses, but sometimes the worse outcome is expected. Always. The term is known as catastrophizing.

Maybe it’s the Catastropharian way of being.

Sometimes it’s better to leave the day for the birds.

*Do you have a day that is fit for birds? Can crows replace the butterflies in the chaos theory?


6 thoughts on “Without a map

  1. Uh, yes, I have been know to think the same way. I think it’s the sub-theme to my blog. The word I wrote on a post-it note and attached to the edge of my computer screen is: acceptance. I try not to fight things so much and just accept how they are. It doesn’t mean I have to like them, but a lot of times it is “better to leave the day to the birds.”

    • Yes, I like that word “catastrophizing” but not so much when I am doing it. I find my mind just gets ahead of itself and anticipates situations that haven’t even happened yet. Then things get out of control. Like you say, acceptance is what will get you through it.
      Some days are for birds. Some days we can just be birds.

  2. My house looks like a bomb went off; half empty and the other half packed with the crap from the empty rooms. Floors and being redone so sawdust everywhere…Fence guys are losers and didn’t show again so deer have yet another night to ravage my flowers. Company coming for dinner. Take out tonight baby! Am I vacuuming? No! I’m reading a magazine and I’ve just polished off a luscious bottle of rose!!! Today has gone to the birds and I don’t give a flying F*!!

    • You are hilarious. I doubt the Flying “Finns” care either if your house is messy. As long as there is food.
      Those deer are having a hay day. Or rather, a flower day (doesn’t sound as good though).

      How well do you know your company?

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