Blue Period Picasso

A bit blue today. Not sad, just the inspiration is waning a bit. I want to write, but I don’t want to write crap. It helps to know that you read this. Not out of vanity or ego, but that there is a recipient to my to sharing. I write about my process. I share this with you.

What’s your process? What do you do with blue?


12 thoughts on “Blue Period Picasso

  1. I can totally relate. I use to take weeks between blogs because nothing was inspiring me. Now I take time to read articles related to running, fitness, and nutrition and hope something will inspire me from there. I also watch quite a few motivational YouTube videos to remind me in order to be who I want to be, I’ve got to get to work. And even if I start writing and don’t like it, I’ll take a break and do something else. Good luck and I hope you find your inspiration soon =)

    • Hi Tracie,
      Yes, inspiration can come and go. Thanks for that. I think it’s best to be inspired while writing, rather than just writing/posting for the sake of getting something written. (Though, in terms of a process I guess there is something to that as well). I really like your blog and find it inspiring, well-researched and informative. I think you’ve got a great niche on what you are doing for running and fitness and health. I always look forward to it.

  2. No need to apologize for feeling blue or not feeling inspired to write. Just accept it, be nice to yourself today, and know that you’ll feel like writing again soon. It’s not a race or a competition, and what you think is crap could be exactly what someone else needs to read. We all have bad days, so we all understand.

    • Hi Angela,
      It was just one of those days, perhaps. Not much flowing! Thanks for the reminders that it’s not a race or competition. There are so many blogs and what is ‘good’ can be so subjective. Thanks for the motivation too. It’s okay to just do and be. I think I’ll start writing now! πŸ™‚

  3. Blue is familiar. It comes – and so far – it goes.
    When I’m in it, I sit with it and watch, knowing that, so far at least, it will change
    Not sure how it would be for me if it didn’t move.

    Can you write your way thru it?

    Didn’t A. Pope say something about the ease of writing when his muse is sitting on his shoulder?

    What’s your muse?

    Mine is an owl – not literally of course, too messy with all those fewmets
    But Minerva’s familiar
    Very comfortable. And flighty.

    PS – Love your blue-black crow.

    • Yes, Blue is a funny one. Mutating and transient. I think the more you are aware of it, the more it moves.
      Writing is a good way through. It’s helped to know this, to hear this.

      I’m not sure about a muse – yet? I get an idea and spew onto the page, and then edit like crazy. But sometimes when it’s done I am not happy with it, as though some of it was just filler. I guess that’s the process.

      Thanks for the comment on the crow. He’s a good one, that trickster. πŸ˜‰

  4. In his latest book, “Aleph”, Paulo Coehlo writes a chapter about Chinese Bamboo. He relates that once the seed is sown, all the growth happens underground for FIVE YEARS. Then, all of the sudden, the bamboo grows to extraordinary heights. Sometimes periods of inactivity or seeming lack of inspiration is when the most growth and creativity is occurring.

    • This reminds me of Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers. In it he describes his 10,000-hours rule; that to be good at anything you will need to practice that skill for 10,000 hours. It makes sense that inspiration and growth also require gestation. We all need to learn what works for us.
      I’ll keep going, as I enjoy the process. I hope at least some of what I am writing is of use or value to someone.

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