Northern Air

Ever think your life needs a sound track?

‘The problem is all inside your head,’ she said to me…

There are times when I look at my life and think that I truly am a crazy person. There are things that make zero sense and are completely illogical (never mind that they also feel intuitively wrong) and yet, there I am. Like a cat on toast I am hanging on, partaking, giving it all my spare energy. Bah.

‘The answer is easy if you take it logically…

I know that logic is part of the solution. I can cognitive-behavior-therapize myself, talk it through, and explain all the reasons why things should be different. But I’m also a person who wants things a certain way and sometimes I want to be angry. Sometimes I don’t want to see what is really going on. Blinders are a flatteringly good fit.

‘I’d like to help you with your struggle to be free…

I remember once having a miscommunication with someone. It was of a somewhat romantic nature: Person C thought I was interested in them, but I was actually referring to Person D. It lead to a long night of avoidance and misunderstanding between myself and C… AND D. The next day at work C brought me a bag of Twizzlers as an olive branch (we were on a real licorice-eating bend that summer). It was a kind gesture, but I didn’t get it. Later someone explained to me that C was apologizing for the misunderstanding and releasing me from whatever intentions and hopes he’d had for us. That helped a lot. C was being very kind and I didn’t see it.

We need to release the other person from the hold we keep on them.

‘There must be 50 ways to leave your lover. (Paul Simon)

There are other lovers than the one in front of you. This could even be the relationship you have with yourself, the dark lover of emotions you keep bottled up that strangle you. The one who keeps you feeling the same way, she keeps that fire of anger alive.  The place where you can target and place all your hurt and irritation and frustration, because it’s out of your hands and has nothing to do with you. (An easy cop-out). It’s just a reaction to a situation, but one that will not change until you leave this lover.


2 thoughts on “Northern Air

  1. I love the line, “We need to release the other person from the hold we keep on them”. I need to remember this and use it when my children come to me with their relationship issues. It’ll make me appear wise…I hope.

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