Stuck in the middle

It can be hard to start something new, untracked. I will try start in the middle.

We don’t like to start something for fear of the unknown, for fear of failure, because of the fear of discomfort. We also don’t like to end things, or let them go, for the same reasons. Being in limbo is not fun either, but to create a comfortable space we must allow the space to be. We invite any feeling in, and be with that feeling until it’s done. We allow without the need to judge or ignore.

When you run fast, it hurts. If you focus on what you can change, it will change. You may not be able to make the hurt stop, but you can make your arms move in a straight line, keep your legs turning, keep your head up and focus on where you want to be going. Focus on what you want right now — not when it will be over.

We can only move from where we are, but first we have to accept we are here.


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